Without makeup, Kim Kardashian reveals her true skin texture

Published on July 15, 2022 at 11:41 am

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian – ©NBC/Getty Images

On her Instagram account, the reality star appeared natural in a video revealing her morning skincare routine.

Social networks have their pros and cons. If they make it possible to inform and exchange at the speed of light, they do not always reflect reality: retouched shots, unreal filters or blatant staging, some photos are a source of complexes for some. Fortunately, more and more concerned about the repercussions of their actions on young people, some stars no longer hesitate to appear openly to the delight of their fans. After Lady Gaga, Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore or Jennifer Lopez it’s the turn of Kim Kardashian to pose naturally. In full promotion of its skincare brand called ” SKKN by Kim “, the star of the Kardashian clan did not hesitate to reveal her unvarnished skin to her 324 million subscribers.

©Instagram @kimkardashian

Bare and hydrated skin

A true star of social networks, Kim Kardashian has made her retouched photos and outrageous contouring her trademark. But for some time now, the business woman has made it a point of honor to appear natural and has revealed a more realistic skin texture. While she chose to share her morning skincare routine via her Instagram stories, we got to see the true texture of her skin. And if the star has a radiant complexion and perfectly hydrated skin, we can still see her pores as well as some pigment spots. Proof that perfection does not exist.

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