With her new coloring, Bella Hadid is the double of her sister Gigi

Published on December 20, 2022 at 10:53 am

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid – ©imaxtree

On her Instagram account, Bella Hadid appeared with a new hair color and looks like two drops of water to her older sister.

Bella Hadid ends the year in style. Earlier this month, the youngest of the Hadid sisters was crowned Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 2022. No wonder since she accumulates prestigious contracts and causes a sensation with each of her appearances on the catwalk. Recently, it was on her Instagram account that Bella Hadid dazzled her fans with a brand new hair color. Farewell to the brown mane, the model opted for a honey blonde super trendy. And even if this hair color looks great on her, it is her strong resemblance to her sister Gigi that struck the supermodel’s fans.

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A return to basics

Recognizable thanks to her feline features, her raven black hair and her emerald green eyes, Bella Hadid is actually almost as blonde as her older sister. In 2016, the model told “Allure” magazine that dying her hair black was her way of parting ways with Gigi in the modeling world. “I just have a darker personality. And my sister being blonde and me being brunette, it’s a good separation,” she confessed at the time. But a few days before the new year, the young woman seems to have opted for a return to her roots by adopting a particularly soft honey blonde. “I feel a little better and I’m a little more blonde”, can we read in caption of the Instagram story. It remains to be seen whether it is a permanent coloring or a temporary transformation. To be continued…

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