Why you’ll love the new Chanel Noir Allure mascara

Published on November 04, 2022 at 3:12 p.m.

Why you'll love the new Chanel Noir Allure mascara

Why you’ll love the new Chanel Noir Allure mascara – © Press

An elegant case lined with a vibrant color, this mascara is your new favorite beauty object.

What if we told you that mascara was the beauty product you should always have in your handbag? Chanel unveils Noir Allure, a golden case, a long black silhouette, much more than a classic makeup product. A new style secret that stands out as a little gem. Because aesthetics is visual as well as sound, we like the little “click” to release your mascara, reminiscent of that of the emblematic lipstick of the French house Rouge Allure. An elegant and refined gesture coupled with unparalleled efficiency.

The detail that changes everything

Because if the new Chanel mascara has allure, it also lengthens the eyelashes in a natural way. In one gesture, they become blacker, more voluminous but without overdoing it thanks to a special brush which delivers just the right dose to thicken the lashes without clumping. To ensure good protection, the formula of this makeup care contains beeswax, carnauba wax and rice wax as well as provitamin B5.
But the detail that changes everything in this make-up ally is undoubtedly its color. Indeed, if it is, as its name suggests, black, it also has a subtle touch of red! A vibrant and passionate shade that precisely creates all the singularity of this magnetic shade.

Allure Black Mascara€45, available on chanel.com.

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