Why sweat is the new beauty trend of the moment

Published on November 16, 2022 at 5:45 p.m.

Why sweat is the new beauty trend of the moment

Why sweat is the new beauty trend of the moment – © imaxtree

Spotted on the Fashion Week catwalks, clammy skin has been creating excitement for the past few months. Explanations.

Succeed by the sweat of your brow. It would seem that this new trend has taken this expression at face value. Since London Fashion Week last September, we’ve only been talking about her. Her name ? The “Laminated Skin”. Imagined by MAC make-up artist, Terry Barber, this beauty bet on a very very glowy skin. “For the next season, the skin will be clammy, which is no longer a negative at all. Every designer I work with talks about clammy skin, like you’ve just come out of the ocean or been on a dance floor – or just had sex,” the pro tells the magazine. Refinery29 “. After the “ Glazed Donut Skin ” popularized by Hailey Bieber, place in the extremely hydrated skin with the wet effect.

Is sweat (really) trendy?

For years, sweat was our pet peeve. Whether it appears haphazardly on a t-shirt or dripping down our forehead, perspiration had no place in our beauty routines. But for the past few seasons, matte complexions have given way to very glowy effects. In our view? Hydration at its peak. If Hailey Bieber advises her admirers to go to bed with your face fat like a donut, the “laminated skin” goes even further. In 2023, while sweat per se isn’t yet required, glowing skin seems like the new way to go. The oily skin finally have their moment of glory. The keys to success? Layering. The texture overlay will accentuate this desired glowy effect. On the make-up side, opt for a fluid and buildable foundation, a fixing mist and voila.

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