Why request the services of Coffreo?

In a context marked by rapid changes and uncertainties about the quality of the workforce, large companies are increasingly opting for short contracts. Unfortunately, this situation greatly complicates the management of human resources in companies that need a large number of employees.

It is necessary to ensure recruitment, payroll, legal security, manage leave, permissions, departures, replacements and all this for hundreds of employees. It is to respond to this problem that the Coffreo company was created and it quickly knew how to prove itself to be relevant. Let’s discover together this company and especially the solution it offers.

Coffeo: who are they?

Founded in 2007, Coffeo is a company specializing in human resource management assistance. She particularly supports companies that manage high volumes of recruitment and short-term contracts.

Thanks to the secure digital solution offered by Coffreo, these companies that recruit a lot and frequently can now speed up the recruitment process and job openings.

A leader in its field, Coffreo provides a real response to the challenges of fluidity of processes, reduction of legal risks and cost control. Above all, Coffreo greatly simplifies all HRM tasks where regulations and legal burden the company on a daily basis.

Coffreo: what does the offer actually consist of?

Coffreo is a complete and free offer which aims to facilitate exchanges between employees and employers. Indeed, it is a solution for digitizing the employer-employee relationship.

It therefore offers a digital safe service to allow the employee to keep all the important documents sent by his employer. Above all, these documents are available at any time, even when the employee changes employer.

In addition, the Coffreo offer makes it possible to receive payslips and employment contracts online (and to sign them). Even if they are in electronic version, these documents have the same legal value as the paper versions.

This digital solution allows companies to save time and money in dealings with employees while avoiding legal risks.

By opting for the services of Coffreo, employees will be able to:

  • receive their employment contracts electronically. They will also be able to sign simply securely 24/7 online. This contract has the same legal value as the paper contract;
  • receive their payslips securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same legal value as paper documents;
  • receive and store important dematerialized documents in a personal space, and consult or download them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • archive their payslips and employment contracts until they are 75eanniversary ;
  • archive their personal documents for life in a safe;
  • also have access to their payslips via their Personal Activity and Training Account.

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