Why outsource your company’s human resources?

For its evolution, any company needs a team that takes care of the management of its personnel. This service, generally called Human Resources, can however be expensive for a company, especially if it has just been born. Its outsourcing is then a possible solution that offers many advantages. Discover here some benefits of outsourcing the human resources of a company, for example by calling on a recruitment firm.

Using a recruiting firm to outsource your hiring process

Outsource the Human Resources Department results in the fact of entrusting the management (all or part) to an external service provider.

The main advantage that results from this is, on the one hand, the saving of time. Indeed, several time-consuming tasks are related to the management of human resources. These include scheduling appointments, filing documents, managing staff payroll and recruiting staff. This last aspect, that of hiring, is particularly time-consuming. Thus, to free yourself from this activity and above all to benefit from significant expertise, you can entrust it to a recruitment firm. Be sure to inform yourself about what a recruiting firm : Click here for example to know the field of action of such a service provider.

Screening CVs, setting up appointments, checking references and following up on job interviews are all tasks that it is a good idea to entrust to a professional. team of experienced recruiters. In addition, be aware that this outsourcing of hiring will allow your employees to focus on their core business. The development of your business and your turnover will therefore be positively impacted.

On the other hand, the outsourcing of recruitment process contributes to the reduction of operating costs. By making this choice, you are no longer required to recruit additional staff to manage hires. This saves you personnel costs.

outsource human resources recruitment

Comply with the latest regulations in force thanks to an HR expert

Outsourcing the human resources department allows your company to strictly comply with the regulations in force in this department. Know that their disrespect is sanctioned by certain bodies. These include the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL) or the URSSAF.

In reality, a human resources expert knows all the texts in force to apply, thus avoiding you falling under the blow of the law. This is justified by the fact that it carries out a constant watch in its field of activity, in order to be in phase with the new provisions.

For exemple, a human resources expert, unlike your internal staff, certainly has a lot of knowledge about the General Data Protection Regulation. Thus, it will ensure that the data of your employees and job applicants are properly protected. Note that a breach of this rule is sanctioned by a fine of up to 4% of the companies’ annual turnover.

A qualified HR specialist to recruit, integrate and train new employees

As explained above, you can entrust all or part of the human resources department to an HR specialist. In this context, the latter may be responsible for recruitment. Due to his expertise and knowledge, he will be able to identify the skills and experience required for the position to be filled.

Moreover, he may take care of the entire recruitment process, from the launch of the call for tenders, until the signing of the contract. He will then be responsible for managing interviews and recruitment tests. He will be able to recruit the workers with the best profiles for your company and follow up on them.

In addition, a human resources specialist may be required to take care of the integration of new employees. He should therefore make presentations between them and the staff already there. He will also have to assign them a mentor who can follow and assist them. Training sessions will also be organized for them, for a perfect mastery of their missions.

Develop better policies and procedures for your workplace

By deciding to outsource the human resources department, you will be able to set up better policies and procedures. Note above all that these are rules and principles to be implemented within a company. These elements aim to promote the development of employees, their development, but also the smooth running of activities.

To this end, a human resources specialist will know how to write them better, being closer to the personnel of the company. He is able to define their Application fields, while taking into account the needs of your employees, but also yours. In addition, he will be able to develop them by clearly informing the behaviors to adopt or not, within the company. In addition, he will communicate effectively on the consequences related to violations of the various policies.

There are different types of outsourcing of human resources: it can be outsourcing or consulting for example. It will then be up to you to choose the model that suits you best, according to your needs and your budget. Outsourcing just one part of your HR-related tasks will of course be less expensive than outsourcing the entire service. The latter does not only include the recruitment process: it can also include payroll management, monitoring of the training account and the implementation of annual appraisal interviews, for example. It is therefore necessary to analyze in depth and accurately the needs of your company before embarking on the outsourcing of all or part of your human resources department.

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