Why install a security alarm to protect your business or home?

Today, new technologies allow you to constantly keep your home or business under surveillance wherever you are. The most advanced security systems allow, through remote access by mobile phone, not only to control your alarms but also to check everything that happens in your absence.

For your home, you know that the security of your property must be taken seriously, especially in this period of increased theft. In business, assaults, violence, threats and vandalism are the main concerns in the workplace. Therefore, maintaining security is paramount at these locations.

In France, there are 713 burglaries per day. 70% of these burglaries concern main residences and 20% business premises.

You have several reasons to install an alarm coupled with a security camera

Install a security alarm coupled with a surveillance camera has many advantages. Indeed, in addition to preventing the action of criminals, the cameras monitor and record everything that happens in the workplace or at home. This goes for intruders as well as customers and employees.

In addition to this, we can highlight the following advantages:

➤ Thanks to a camera that captures the images, vYou see what’s going on inside from your home or business, whenever and wherever you want.

Hear what’s going on in your property, even when you’re away. With a camera equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone, you can monitor your children, employees, visitors.

Remote access via an app can allow you to arm and disarm your alarm system. No more going back to your property to set the alarm when you forget to do so before leaving!

You have a terrace, a garden or a car park: monitor the accesses thanks to video surveillance and strengthen the security of the premises overlooking balconies or terraces thanks to an alarmespecially if these places are easily accessible from the street.

Should you opt for a centralized or local alarm system?

Today, there is a wide variety of alarms on the market, from the simplest to the most complex. The simplest alarm systems can be installed by anyone, while the most complex are supplied by specialist companies. Broadly speaking, they can be divided into 2 groups: those which are connected to a control unit and those which operate in local mode.

The alarm systems that are connected to an alarm receiving center transmit the signal via a telephone line. When the alarm goes off, its veracity is verified by security officers, who will contact the police if necessary.

On the other hand, there are the alarms in local mode that do not have centralized communication. When these alarm systems detect a presence, the siren is activated in the home or business. Some equipment sends the owner a mobile notification allowing them to check the situation in real time using a surveillance camera and intervene remotely if necessary.

Alarms connected to a central therefore have the advantage of saving you from wasting time checking for false alarms, and the professional verification carried out beforehand by security agents avoids alerting the police unnecessarily.

Security alarms: some examples

Anti-intrusion alarms: secure your doors and windows

Your security can be enhanced with intruder alarms. These anti-intrusion alarms are effective systems for detecting any attempt to break into your home or business. As soon as the anti-intrusion system detects the presence of intruders, the owner is alerted. An intrusion detection system is made up of several devices, including a microprocessor and peripheral elements that communicate with the first.

Peripherals, also known as sensors or detectors, are essential components of intruder alarms. They are placed at strategic locations for the purpose of detecting intrusion and alert owners that something suspicious is going on.

One of these devices is the magnetic door or window opening detector. These detectors operate essentially by absence of contact. They are generally made up of two separate parts, one of which is placed on the fixed part of the door or window, and the other on the mobile part of the latter. Each time the two parts of the component are no longer in contact, an alarm is triggered.

motion detectors

When someone tries to cross the gate of your house or your business and even without touching anything, the alarm goes off immediately. Motion detectors detect the presence of people through infrared light beams, only activating when a person or object comes into contact with the beam.

Motion detectors are extremely useful in hallways and outdoor areas. They are widely used as alarms in commercial establishments to protect sites and provide more security.

One last point to consider: where are the surveillance camera recordings stored?

When choosing an alarm system coupled with a surveillance camera, it is important to ask the question of the storage of recorded videos. Surveillance camera recordings are stored either in a storage space inside the camera or in external storage (Cloud). The first has the major drawback that a burglar can destroy the camera and take it with the recordings which are then no longer available. And for the second, the videos are stored in the cloud, for which most manufacturers charge a monthly fee.

Before buying a surveillance camera, find out about the subscription fees for cloud recordings as this can quickly add up to several hundred euros per year. However, note that some manufacturers offer surveillance systems in local mode with cloud storage, free of charge via Dropbox or equivalent.

The final word

Some alarm systems available on the market have features that allow you to have tighter control over the security of your property. These features let you know, in real time, who is entering your property. This access control is available through the mobile phone, which means it can be done wherever you are.

Burglary doesn’t just happen to others! The figures published in 2021 by the statistical service of the Ministry of the Interior show that burglariesidential residences as well as business premises do not decrease. In 2021, the police and the gendarmerie recorded 260,099 successful burglaries in metropolitan France, i.e. 713 burglaries per day. 70% of these burglaries concerned main residences and 20% business premises.

So from today control access to your property with powerful alarm systems!

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