Why has Princess Anne been wearing this same hairstyle for years?

Published on November 17, 2022 at 11:02

Princess Anna


For nearly 40 years, Queen Elizabeth II’s only daughter has sported the same iconic hairstyle: a voluminous, puffy chignon.

An emblematic figure of the British royal family, Princess Anne has always known how to show discretion. Indeed, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip makes it a point of honor to respect the protocol to the letter, which earned her to be regularly classified as “the most hardworking” of the Windsors. In addition to her ultra neat outfits, the princess has sworn by the same hairstyle for almost 40 years: a bouffant bun and bulky. This hairstyle, which became her signature in the 90s, reflects the seriousness and consistency shown by the princess within the royal family.


Why does Princess Anne always style her hair the same way?

Princess Anne’s bouffant bun became part of her identity in the 1990s. Indeed, this period is synonymous with great changes in the royal family sinceAnne divorcing of her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips. In 1992, she remarried her current husband, Tim Lawrence, and some see her unchanging hairstyle as a way to reflect her consistency and desire to move on. According to actress Claudia Harrison, who plays Princess Anne in Season 5 of The Crown “She’s not there to decorate a room, she’s there to do a job and I think her hair is part of that,” she told the Australian edition of Marie Claire magazine. An iconic hairstyle that Princess Anne reproduces every morning in 10-15 minutes according to her words in a documentary broadcast on ITV.

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