Why choose a gel battery?

For several years, the gel battery has been acclaimed by many people. It is a part of choice, particularly for driving professionals. This device is appreciated mainly because of its performance and its particular characteristics. Why choose a rechargeable gel battery? What are the advantages and disadvantages ? We tell you everything.

What are the characteristics of the gel battery?

The rechargeable gel battery has characteristics somewhat similar to the classic lead battery with a few differences. Indeed, the gel battery is formed:

  • Lead plates;
  • Electrolyte;
  • Silica;
  • Sulfuric acid;
  • Phosphoric acid.

The component that marks the difference between the two different batteries is the silica contained in the gel battery. This type of battery is based on a recombination process. That is to say that when degassing occurs, the oxygen which is at the level of the positive plates goes towards the negative plates.

A chemical reaction automatically occurs. Following this reaction, hydrogen is automatically combined with oxygen to be transformed into water. If you are considering purchasing this device, you should find out about how to charge a gel battery.

With rechargeable gel batteries, the recombination rate is 95% while with traditional batteries it is 30%. As such, there is no risk of gas emission. The gas present is directly evacuated via a safety valve. Batteries containing phosphoric acid have a longer life than others.

What are the advantages of the gel battery?

This battery has many qualities. First of all, it is resistant and can be used in any position, since the electrolyte is gelled. In the same vein, you are not likely to end up with a leaky battery even if it is cracked.

This is the reason why they are more and more recommended. In addition, they do not require periodic monitoring with respect to the electrolyte. The chargers of this type of battery are particular. You can find out more on the page https://www.dolphin-charger.fr/. In addition, gel batteries reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. They are part of ecological batteries.

Moreover, these batteries can take 100% discharges without there being any alteration of their capacities. As for resistance, they can last up to 10 years if properly maintained. The last essential point to emphasize is that gel batteries can work for several months without you having to recharge them.

What are the disadvantages of the gel battery?

First, you should know that the gel battery is one of the most expensive batteries on the market. It can cost up to twice the price of conventional batteries. In addition, if the charging parameters are not properly respected, the quality of life of this type of battery can be considerably reduced. You must also provide a specific voltage regulator for your gel battery.

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