Who is the highest paid beauty influencer in 2022?

Published on September 27, 2022 at 11:34 am

Who is the highest paid beauty influencer in 2022?

Who is the highest paid beauty influencer in 2022? – © imaxtree

Her posts published on Instagram, YouTube or even TikTok generate thousands of euros, and yet you surely don’t know her…

For the past few years, the profession of beauty influencer has been shaking up the sector. Behind their phones, there are hundreds of them praising their favorite products, revealing their hairdressing or make-up tutorials. In France, EnjoyPhoenix has led the way. Since then, beauty influencers have become real stars and Internet users are hooked on their lips with each story. A phenomenon that has not escaped beauty brands. Thus, many claws collaborate with these trend scouts and sometimes offer them a nice jackpot. Cosmeticify, the beauty platform, conducted its survey to reveal the highest-earning beauty influencers in 2022 by examining their Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts. Results ? The lucky winner is called Safiya Nygaard – better known as @safiyany – and alone has more than 13 million followers on all of her social networks (9.5 M on YouTube, 2.1 M on Instagram and 1.9M on TikTok). In total, Safiya Nygaard earns over €191,248 per post combined. For example, a single publication on YouTube from the young woman is estimated at €182,544 (compared to €6,955 for an Instagram post and €1,749 for a video on TikTok). Behind her, we find Huda Kattan, founder of the successful brand Huda Beauty, which accounts for €172,149, then James Charles with a nice sum of €141,118.

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Who is Safiya Nygaard?

His name does not sound familiar ? Don’t worry, neither do we. However, it is clear that we are exceptions. Indeed, followed by more than 2 million followers on Instagram, Safiya Nygaard is not a beauty influencer like the others. His little thing? Mix beauty with humor. In videos of a few seconds; the young woman offers humorous and offbeat content. She lets her followers choose her next hair color, blends over 600 lipsticks to create a new shade, and tests crazy new trends. A winning recipe, then.

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