Which scan to choose according to your hair color?

Published on September 08, 2022 at 4:03 p.m.

Which scan to choose according to your hair color?

Which scan to choose according to your hair color? – © instagram @gisele

A timeless technique to give luminosity, sweeping is done on all hair colors (natural or not). The only rule? Opt for the right reflection for locks that match perfectly with the base of the hair.

A scanning ok, but which one? To light up your hair the right way without betraying its natural base, celebrity colorists Katie Graves and Steven Picciano gave all their advice to the “NewBeauty” website. We took notes!

Which balayage for blonde hair?

“If you’re naturally blonde, cool, high-shine or even icy highlights will look great on you and look natural,” says Katie Graves. But for the professional, coloring is above all “self-expression”. If the world of beauty tends to get rid of imposed rules and diktats, the expert recommends changing hair color according to the seasons: “What I prefer is to opt for an ultra-bright blonde in the summer and to change tone as soon as autumn arrives so that it is still just as bright but warmer”.

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Which balayage for brown hair?

Brown hair has the advantage of being able to illuminate their hair with several shades. Some of the latest trends include: Espresso Martini (no, it’s not about the cocktail), the Vacation Glow for an ultra-desirable sunburn effect or the Sunset Hair for aubern brown highlights.

What balayage on black hair?

“If your hair is black, don’t go lighter than a soft brown,” advises Katie Graves. For Steven Picciano, sweeps that draw towards the color sand or brown are the most suitable. You can also opt for warmer and coppery shades like the Chocolate Cherry.

What balayage on red hair?

In recent seasons, red hair is everywhere. For a beautiful luminous effect, Steven Picciano recommends keeping tone-on-tone shades. “Blonde highlights can sometimes feel like ‘ketchup/mustard’. Redheads look best with warm tones in a tone similar to their natural color such as soft copper or Strawberry blonde “, he specifies.

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