What sectors of activity to open your own business?

Currently, self-employment is very popular, regardless of the sector of activity. This status has several significant advantages, such as the fact that most professional fields can benefit from this status. To know which sector to choose for your business, it is important to know them well. For more information on potentially interesting sectors of activity, find out which trades are accessible to self-employed entrepreneurs.

Home help

home help is the most coveted sector for become self-employed while helping others. However, this requires having certain qualities. The main mission of home help is to support a person in their usual needs. The professional must be physically and mentally present. He must set up an organization to facilitate the life of the person he accompanies in his daily life. However, its role is not limited to be a mere companion. Indeed, home help must also:

  • take care of the house of the accompanied individual, that is to say, do the cleaning, the laundry, the ironing and the small maintenance and repair work necessary,
  • provide for food needs, from the purchase of food to the meal,
  • help with physical autonomy : walking, waking up and going to bed,
  • preserve personal hygiene by washing and dressing,
  • support the individual psychologically and intellectually through listening, dialogue, games and reading,
  • assist with administrative procedures and the organization of weeks,
  • train the person accompanied self-management with regard to hygiene,
  • manage social ties by strengthening family relationships and those with other service providers.

Services that are flexible according to the person to be assisted.

Sports coach at home

Even if the profession of sports coach belongs to the education sector, it is possible to exercise it as a self-entrepreneur. For this, you must have the skills to become one, or have followed the appropriate training. He is an expert who personally accompanies an individual in order to restore it. To achieve this, he offers various physical activities at home. He must also be able to adapt to all fitness-related requests.

What are the goals of a home coach?

Regarding the objectives, they may vary depending on the age, gender and physical condition of the client. Fitness can be general, or focus only on losing weight, improving breath or flexibility, etc. It depends on customer’s request. This form of coaching now integrates the framework of human services. This confirms once again that it is possible to exercise this profession as a self-entrepreneur.

self-employed coach at home

The skills required to be a home coach

Above all, the home coach must know how to communicate and express his ideas clearly. This is one of the key skills of a good sports coach, whether he practices at home or in a gym. It must also be available at times convenient to the client. This means that the home coach must have a very flexible schedule. In addition, a good coach must have advanced knowledge of anatomy.

He must also know the mode of operation of each organ and muscles. And since his role is to get a person back into shape, he must have in-depth knowledge of nutrition. Moreover, it is important to specify that any training session must be supplemented by a good diet. In addition, to practice his profession, a coach must be in excellent physical condition. He must be able to accompany the person being coached during his jogging or stretching session.


Today, e-commerce is one of the fast-growing jobs through technology, especially the Internet. It has even revolutionized traditional commerce, without however competing with it. By definition, e-commerce consists of various commercial exchanges that take place at a distance, more precisely on the Internet. This sector has experienced a strong evolution with the appearance of the health crisis linked to Covid-19.

Buying on the Internet can be done through several digital and digital tools. Often this is done through platforms such as websites and social media. As for transactions, they can be done in different ways, depending on the form of e-commerce. This can be done for B2C individuals or for other B2B companies. This new way of trading has many interesting advantages. Indeed, it allows:

  • to extend your area of ​​influence,
  • to benefit from a booming market,
  • to reach a wider clientele,
  • to integrate a sales channel to your online sales activity,
  • to improve your customer service,
  • to simplify the purchase and the management of the sale,
  • reduce your fixed costs and therefore promote your margin.

This is a promising sector for a self-entrepreneur.


the influencer job has only existed for a few years. However, it is experiencing enormous progress thanks to new technologies. Young adults are particularly engaged in this work. This profession would be among the most profitable, but it depends on the popularity of the influencer on social networks. So, the more followers there are, the more money the influencer can earn.

The influencers are considered the new “opinion leaders”. Besides, there are a few types and categories of influencers, like famous people, web superstars, happy customers, niche influencers, and micro-influencers. Every influencer is different. For example, a famous person can be an actor, a singer or a hired sportsman. As for web superstars, this is an individual known on the internet. He is able to generate high visibility and traffic with a video, a post or a tweet.

The creation of a responsible clothing brand

The creation of a responsible clothing brand requires a few steps. Here is the procedure to follow to work in this field as an auto-entrepreneur.

Study the world of textiles

You must study the world of textiles and fashion before thinking about creating clothes. This will help you know the market a little better. A well-defined marker is fundamental for your first collections. To properly study the market, you must consider its size, its growth, its cycle, its profitability, etc. It is also necessary to know the competitors, the suppliers and the entire distribution network.

Create brand identity

After understanding the textile world, it’s time to create your brand identity. This includes the brand name. It must be original, eye-catching and above all compatible with the clothes you are going to sell. You can also create a logo. For this, it is wise to call on a graphic designer. Also think of a catchy slogan to attract customers.

The businessman plan

The business plan is a document of paramount importance which is one of the essential steps before any official creation. The principle is simple: you must write a plan that demonstrates the viability of your project over time. For your information, each element included in this document will serve to prove the relevance of your project. The business plan allows you to benefit from financial aid if your project is convincing.

Just like the business plan, the legal form of the company is fundamental. The choice of legal status must be consistent with the services offered by the company. In other words, it greatly depends on the sector of activity in which you exercise. As far as trademark registration is concerned, this allows you to protect and defend this from a legal point of view.

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