What missions for an interim manager?

By choosing the profession of interim manager, you are choosing a profession that is constantly developing. Your experienced profile and technical expertise, as well as your ability to manage in an innovative way will be major assets. You will be directly operational during your integration.

What will be your missions as part of a transition mission? Exploration.

Growth, closure/opening of sites, merger, acquisition, etc. A transition mission implies that the company is in a critical phase of its life cycle.

With an average duration of 8 months, a transition mission has several phases:

  • The need is assessed and a managerial action plan is established
  • An alliance is created with the principal
  • Reports are regularly carried out in order to measure the first actions carried out (quick win).
The exercise of a transition mission depends on the expertise of the manager. This person may have expertise in general management, human resources, industrial, financial, supply chain, etc. (see a more comprehensive list here).

Although we tend to think that an interim manager only intervenes in a structure when it is in crisis, this is often not the case. Generally, this involves leading transformation projects. The interim manager can indeed face many other situations.

Here are the missions for which he can intervene:

First example of a mission: an operational excellence approach

The interim manager will identify any weaknesses that could hinder operational excellence in the organization.

Weaknesses can be at the managerial level (team leadership) or organizational processes. The objective of the interim manager, as part of this approach, will be to quickly achieve quick wins.

Second example of a mission: crisis management

Companies are confronted throughout their life cycle with many crises. When this happens, the organization must react quickly in order to avoid harmful consequences. In this context, the interim manager will identify the nature of the problem, apply a rigorous methodology and adapt an action plan.

3rd example of mission: bring about change

A change can be undergone, chosen, or registered over time. In this context, the interim manager will put in place a methodology to put the collective into action to promote change.

4th example of mission: manager in relay

An absence can be anticipated or planned, so there is a human resources problem that can weaken the company. It may even affect its performance. In this context, the interim manager will come and make his managerial skills available in order to flush out what is lacking in the organization and make it progress. He will come to accompany the manager.

For each of his assignments, the interim manager selected will define a specific action plan based on the company’s challenges. He will reveal his progress progressively to his client.

As you have seen, a company can call on an interim manager to support various functions. By accessing this profession, your assignments can be found directly by specialized firms, such as CAHRA.

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