What is the job of an accountant?

The accountant is the one who records, collects data from a structure in order to carry out account balances, income statements and other balance sheets. He must also ensure the accuracy of the accounting entries and report on this to those responsible for the structure. You dream ofan accounting job? Here is everything you need to know about this profession.

What are the duties of the accountant?

Generally, the functions of an accountant depend on the structure in which he practices. But most of the time, these missions revolve around the following activities:

  • Archive and enter asset and commercial data on accounting software;
  • Develop summary documents (accounting balance sheets, balance sheets, income statements, income or operating accounts) which will subsequently be verified by a chartered accountant;
  • Record accounting operations in the accounting books;
  • Monitor the processing of supplier and customer invoices;
  • Draw up the monthly statement of the company’s accounting situation;
  • Establish staff pay slips and social and tax declarations;
  • Follow up with insolvent customers.

In addition, the accountant also records and classifies all information relating to the economic activity, the intangible, financial and material assets of a legal entity.

What training to practice as an accountant?

The training courses allowing access to the profession of accountant are very vast, namely:

  • Bac +2: BTS CGO (accounting and organization management);
  • DEUST in accounting;
  • DUT GEA (management of companies and administrations) option Finance Accounting;
  • Preparatory Diploma in Financial and Accounting Studies;
  • Bac Pro Accounting;
  • Bac +5: Higher diploma in accounting and management;
  • Bac +3: Accounting and management diploma (DCG).

What qualities are required to practice as an accountant?

In addition to training, the aspirant to the profession of accountant must at least have certain skills, abilities and qualities. With regard to skills, the accountant must have a perfect command of computer software for office automation and tax and accounting processing.

He must also have a good knowledge of legal standards (public procurement codes, company and labor law), accounting and tax. The accountant must also have a good understanding of the company and its strategy. As for the capacities, the accountant has the obligation:

  • To have a good analytical mind;
  • To know how to synthesize;
  • To be able to manage time and stress;
  • To know how to seek and find information;
  • To benefit from a good spirit of initiative.

That’s not all, the accountant must also have the following qualities:

  • The organization;
  • The method ;
  • Rigor;
  • Interpersonal skills and communication skills;
  • The availability ;
  • Concentration ;
  • The logical mind
  • Integrity.

What are the career prospects for accountants?

In the exercise of his missions, the accountant may see his prerogatives specialize in other areas. This can be in cost accounting or management accounting for example. Faced with this situation, he can expand his field of action within a large company and even internationally.

Thus, the firm that has the necessary experience can apply for a position as a chartered accountant or turn to the profession of auditor within a firm. With this title, he will be able to analyze the accounting and financial functioning of a structure to propose optimizations. In the event that the accountant practices in a company, his career paths are wide.

He can become a supplier accountant, customer accountant, chief accountant, management controller, CFO (Administrative and Financial Director). The accountant also has the possibility of exercising in the public service. For this, he must pass the competition of controller of public finances.

In which sector can the accountant practice?

The profession of accountant can be practiced in all activity area. In the context of an SME, the accountant works alone. When he is in a large group, he joins an accounting department. In some cases, the accountant may be required to work for an accounting firm or choose to open his own practice.

What is the salary of an accountant?

The salary of an accountant varies depending on certain factors. This is the business sector of the company, its size and also its geographical location. For a non-executive accountant at the start of his career, his salary fluctuates around €2,000 gross per year on average. However, by taking on some additional responsibilities, this amount can easily reach $3,000 in mid-career.

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