What is hair tanning, this technique for a year-round sun effect?

Published on September 02, 2022 at 8:00 a.m.

What is hair tanning, this technique for a year-round sun effect? – © instagram @zacariasguedes

Better known as “hair tan”, this technique, similar to that of balayage, gives us post-summer vacation hair all year round. Explanations.

Summer is (almost) over. Goodbye beach, sun and tanning sessions. Farewell to pretty tanned complexion, vaguely wavy hair and (a little) drunken evenings. It’s back to school! Gradually, the tan that we have worked so hard will fade. The clothes will get longer while the days will get shorter. If the summer temperatures are still very present, there is no point in denying the arrival of autumn. But be careful, in order not to succumb to post-holiday depression, we prepare a plan of attack. And that obviously goes through a little trip to the hairdresser. In our view? The coloring that makes us believe we’re still on the beach (spoiler alert: you’re in the office). Her name ? The “hair tan” literally translates as the tan of the hair. Imagined by the American colorist Jodie Palmer, this technique close to the scanning subtly lightens the hair. An effect neither seen nor known which however brings a real sunburn to his mane.

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Hair tan: the technique for hair like on vacation

Asked by the magazine “PopSugar”, Jodie Palmer revealed the secrets to succeed in adopting this color. First advice: analyze all of your hair and in particular the capillary layer. “Before starting, the colorist must analyze the natural depth of the hair and its potential for lightening,” she explains. From there, the latter can adapt his technique for a tailor-made result. Because if all hair colors can opt for the “hair tan”, the result will be different on each hair. Another tip? Apply color to strategic places. For a natural result, the work must be done strand by strand. By hand, we work the coloring in the middle of the lengths to the base of the hair in diagonal sections. Last advice? “Do not be heavy-handed with color,” insists the expert. Less is more.

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