What are the changes in the manager’s activities in 2023?

In recent years, management has undergone various changes. From now on, managers must adapt to many new developments in order to keep their teams productive while taking care not to violate the standards of the Labor Code. In this article, we invite you to discover the major changes in the manager’s activities in 2023.

More agile and hybrid management expected for 2023

During the covid-19 health crisis, almost all countries introduced lockdowns. This situation has fostered a renewed interest in teleworking. Now we are witnessing a evolution of the role of manager with new managerial techniques.

Far from being a mere passing fancy, teleworking is essential in almost all areas. According to the results of a recent study, more than 90% of French people who have teleworked once wish to continue with this mode of work. Similarly, nearly 65% ​​of new graduates are in favor of teleworking.

Note, however, that another trend is emerging and could be adopted by many companies from next year. This is hybrid management that combines remote and face-to-face work. Although less known, this device is already widely acclaimed by workers who have once experienced it. By adopting this style of management, you put all the chances on your side to meet the new requirements of the job of manager by widening your recruitment area.

A more participative management will also be at the rendezvous

Faced with contemporary challenges, it is essential for organizations to put collective intelligence at the heart of their management strategy. Indeed, this concept is based more on a collective work carried out by different profiles. It is a device that promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience, an important element for the performance of the company.

As a manager, you must do everything to help your employees develop a participative spirit. It is a question of empowering them to allow them to participate in the growth of the company. In this way, vertical management will gradually disappear to make way for horizontal management.

Management based on servant leadership

According to forecasts, the small chef manager will no longer have a place in companies from 2023. Indeed, the trends will be more favorable to the democratic managementa device in which servant leadership is the norm.

This change is linked to the emergence of a new moral principle according to which the only authority that deserves the loyalty of a led is that which he grants freely and knowingly to his leader. It is therefore clear that the only viable organizations in the years to come will be those led by servant-leaders. So remember to get in step now to ensure the sustainability of your managerial activity.

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