What are the benefits of a moving company?

For a move, you have the choice between doing it yourself or using a moving company. Question of speed and organization, it is particularly recommended to rely on the expertise of a moving company. Focus on the advantages and facilities offered by this type of company.

The company takes care of everything

A move requires organization and planning. We tend to wait until the day of the move to pick up the boxes, tidy up with the help of friends or worse looking for a truck, etc. But a last-minute unforeseen event can ruin everything on D-Day. Finding a truck immediately available would make the task more complicated, especially if you are counting moving to the Paris region.

With a moving company of the stature of DemConfort, there are no more worries about logistics, storage of belongings or truck availability. The contract that binds you generally takes into account the rental of a truck, property insurance, the supply of boxes (sometimes) and packing services.

The move is safe

Organizing a move (looking for an apartment or a house, sorting things, administrative documents, insurance, inventory, making various and varied appointments, etc.) is a hassle. , stressful and tiring. When you do all this yourself, you can easily get distracted and an accident can happen quickly.

Also, driving a truck you’re not used to is risky. The moving company takes care of everything. With the experience they have, the movers guarantee the safety of your goods. For more tips and advice on the procedures and steps for a safe move, go to the site of the Obs.

The assurance of being insured

It’s obvious, but we forget to think about the risks of losing certain fragile objects or furniture during a move. It is indeed very difficult to have total control over all possible accidents when packing, changing things, transporting, unloading and storing in the new home. Being insured against breakage, theft or loss of property makes you more serene in the event of unforeseen events.

When the move is made by a moving company, the contract that binds you already offers all the guarantees. Companies always have contractual insurance that ensures the protection of their customers on these issues. However, this insurance only covers damage caused by the mover during the operation.

A traffic accident caused by a third party, for example, is not included. Opting for damage insurance would nevertheless cover all possible risks throughout the move. For all practical purposes, the customer that you are is invited to consult this article for a successful move.

Moving companies are very well equipped

Moving without the accompaniment of a professional requires a lot of anticipation. There are special pieces of equipment that are not usually thought of, but which are very useful to facilitate the work. Moving companies bring all the necessary equipment. These are the furniture lift, the hand truck, etc.

A devil

During a move, you can damage your objects or even twist your back and be forced to lie down the days following the move. With a devil, everything is played; even the heaviest objects will be easily moved.

Protection of fragile objects

Moving fragile objects is the daily life of a moving company. Professionals have the experience it takes to pack your items without damaging them. They are also very well equipped for transporting fragile objects (papers, bulbs, special boxes, retaining straps, etc.).

The furniture lift

Due to their weight or the architecture of the building, taking out the sofas or the bookcase can be very complicated. In the case where the room to be emptied is on the first or second floor, a furniture lift remains the only solution to easily remove heavy furniture and belongings.

Lords weight license

For an area to be moved greater than 30 square meters, a heavy truck is necessary. The mover necessarily has this type of truck and the specific license required to drive it.

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