We love the amazing manicure of Penélope Cruz

Published on October 06, 2022 at 8:26 am

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz – ©Acero/AlterPhotos/ABACA

Once again, the Spanish actress caused a stir in her latest appearance. This time, it’s her manicure that we gladly copy for the season.

If the hot season has given pride of place to pastel and vitaminized manicures, the arrival of autumn has clearly calmed things down. Indeed, midnight blue, khaki, black or even burgundy are the most popular shades. of the moment by the girls in vogue. Fans of fairly discreet manicures, Penelope Cruz appeared at the premiere of the film “En los márgenes”, in which she plays the role of Azucena, with long, square nails adorned with an ultra-shiny red varnish. A trendy manicure that we adopt without hesitation throughout the year.


How to adopt Penélope Cruz’s red manicure?

Whether you have naturally long nails or opt for fake nails, these must imperatively be cut in a square shape. Then take a classic or semi-permanent red nail polish and apply the polish on all of your nails without forgetting the sides. To fix the color, then bet on a super shiny top coat, matte nails are no longer relevant this season. To complete your manicure and above all not fall into the vulgar, opt for a sober outfit and a simple and natural beauty treatment.

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