We love Kaia Gerber’s feline-looking eye makeup

Published on September 22, 2022 at 6:34 p.m.

We love Kaia Gerber's feline-looking eye makeup

We love Kaia Gerber’s feline-looking eye makeup – © Instagram @kaiagerber

Model Kaia Gerber loves the kitten eyeliner trend. A slightly feline eye make-up that we love.

bubble eyeliner, negative space eyeliner, reverse cat-eye… Today there are a thousand and one ways to wear theeyeliner, this liquid ink that crosses the ages by taking up all the challenges. And if it’s good to be tempted by originality by indulging in a few eccentricities from time to time, it is sometimes appropriate to focus on the basics. This is the make-up option chosen by model Kaia Gerber for her latest makeover shared on her Instagram account. A feline-looking eye makeup called kitten eyeliner, more subtle and discreet than its big brother the cat eye. And it suits her very well, she who is always naturally very chic!

How to adopt the kitten eyeliner?

the kitten eyeliner shelved the daring comma in favor of a more subtle line while not forgetting to intensify and lengthen the look. If it can therefore be traced effortlessly using liquid ink or a pencil, it can also be done using a fine brush coated with dark eye shadow for a slightly ultra-desirable blur. Very natural, it matches with all beauty treatments. Here, Kaia Gerber or rather the make-up artist Raoul Alejandre accompanies it with a touch of blush to gently sculpt her cheekbones and a nude lipstick slightly shiny on his mouth. A makeover that highlights her pretty face, without ever overdoing it. To be adopted on a daily basis!

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