We love Dua Lipa’s triple line of eyeliner

Published on May 25, 2022 at 8:26 am

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa – ©Lauren Leekley

On Instagram, the singer still amazed us with an extraordinary beauty look. This time around, she opted for the graphic triple eyeliner.

If you follow Dua Lipa on Instagram, you may have noticed that she is having a good time all over the world. Indeed, a few months ago, the singer began her world tour called “Future Nostalgia”. The perfect opportunity to show off spectacular looks and cutting-edge originality. Barbie pink jumpsuit, XXL ponytail Where baby braids ultra trendy, via her social networks the star regularly shares something to inspire us for the summer. Lately, the star posted an unusual make-up on her Instagram stories: a three-line graphic eyeliner.

@Instagram @dualipa

How to reproduce Dua Lipa’s triple line of eyeliner?

Directed by make-up artist Shelby Smith, who accompanies Dua Lipa throughout her tour, the triple stroke ofeyeliner is quite easy to replicate. The make-up artist started by drawing a first line of classic black liner along the upper lashes. She then drew a second line of black liner at the level of the hollow of the mobile eyelid, then a third just below accompanied by red and gold glitter. The advantage of this trend is its ability to be declined to infinity: the thickness and color of the lines can be modulated as desired. Enough to give free rein to our imagination and appropriate this trend as we please.

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