We know the exact shade of nail polish that Jennifer Lopez wore at her wedding

Published on July 21, 2022 at 8:27 am

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez – ©Instagram @chrisappleton1

To say “yes” to Ben Affleck, JLo opted for an amazing manicure. Here is the exact shade of varnish used.

Almost 20 years after their separation, Jennifer Lopez (finally) said “yes” to Ben Affleck during an intimate ceremony which took place in Las Vegas last weekend. More radiant (and in love) than ever, the singer opted for a retro wedding dress straight out of an old movie. Side hairdressing, simplicity was also key. Styled by her lifelong friend and hairstylist, Chris Appleton, J-Lo opted for a half tail slightly curved and ultra glamorous waves. A few days after this long-awaited union, Jennifer Lopez appeared without makeup and all smiles in a photo posted on her Instagram account. If you can see a big ring on her left ring finger, it’s her manicure that caught our attention.

A greige manicure for D-Day

Jennifer Lopez definitely does nothing like everyone else. Unlike the short and slightly pink nails favored by many brides, the bomba Latina opted for long nails and an amazing color: a greige varnish. As usual, it was her favorite nail artist, Tom Bachik, who did her manicure and revealed the exact name of the varnish used. This is the tint Are You Shore by Bio Seaweed Gel. Described by the brand as a “sandy brown nude”, this shade also appears as a purple gray depending on the light. So, Jennifer Lopez has a glamorous new manicure, a new sparkly ring and a new last name. Congratulations, Mrs. Affleck.

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