Victoria Beckham runway makeup is the must-have trend of 2022

Published on September 30, 2022 at 6:52 p.m.

Victoria Beckham runway makeup is the must-have trend of 2022

Victoria Beckham runway makeup is the must-have trend of 2022 – © Elisa Casson

Backstage beauty at the show, Diane Kendal make-up artist in charge of the Victoria Beckham show explains how to reproduce the famous “clean look”, the key trend of the year 2022.

SHE. What is the inspiration for the Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2022-2023 show?

Diane Kendal. For this show, our focus was the skin. Victoria wanted a makeup that kept the purity of the model. We have therefore worked on the skin to make it as luminous as possible, without ever transforming it and suffocating it. We wanted a fresh, glowy, elegant, almost natural finish. Right now, everyone wants to see the real texture of skin, and that’s what we did. A ” clean look » more sophisticated but quite accessible for all those who would like to obtain it. At home, it is possible to adopt it with a few flagship products such as a foundation or a concealer, a little highlighter and a touch of lipstick. I think that since the pandemic, there has been a real return to nature. But for all that, there is no question of abandoning one’s fantasies.

SHE. How to reproduce this beauty look step by step?

Diane Kendal. First we start by cleaning and moisturizing our skin. For this show, we used the Cell Rejuvenating Power serum which repairs, lifts and illuminates the skin thanks to the TFC8® complex (an active ingredient of more than forty different ingredients popularized by Professor Augustinus Bader, editor’s note). This treatment also helps fight pollution and stress, so it’s really perfect for Paris Fashion Week. Then, we brushed the eyebrows upwards to lift the look. On the skin, we used a very light foundation, then a touch of concealer on the imperfections. The highlight of the show? The highlighter applied in a “C” shape from the cheekbone to the beginning of the temple. On the lips, a nude lipstick for fair skin and another darker for black skin. The idea? Enhance the natural color of the models lips. And There you go !

© Elisa Casson

Thanks to Victoria Beckham Beauty for opening the door to the Victoria Beckham backstage

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