Victoria Beckham loves this multifunctional hair product

Published on September 06, 2022 at 10:43 a.m.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham – ©ABACA

To take care of her hair, the former Spice Girls swears by this inexpensive cream. Here’s why.

Since the launch of its skincare brand called “VB Beauty”, Victoria Beckham don’t hesitate to share her beauty tips via her social networks. After his secret for refresh your eyes in 20 seconds flat and the one to display a fuller mouth, the star unveiled one of her favorite products to take care of her hair. This is the “Almost Everything Cream” from the British brand Hershesons. And as the name suggests, this hair product does just about everything for your hair.

“Almost everything cream”: a product that has it all

Imagined by the hairdressing duo Daniel and Luke Hersheson, the ” Almost Everything Cream is the first product from their eponymous brand. Its strong point? Proven effectiveness on all hair types. Indeed, this multifunctional product can be used both as a smoothing cream, a shine booster, an anti-frizz treatment, a texturizer or even a mask. The two things it does not replace according to the brand? Shampoo and hairspray. In short, a true multitasking product. An absolute fan of this multifunctional treatment, Victoria Beckham praised its merits via her Instagram stories. Enough to try it with your eyes closed.

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