Using Biafine as a moisturizer: good or bad idea?

Published on July 26, 2022 at 6:01 p.m.

Using Biafine as a moisturizer: good or bad idea?

Using Biafine as a moisturizer: good or bad idea? – ©Getty Images / Nikola Ilic

France is renowned throughout the world for its cosmetic products sold in pharmacies. Many Americans have recently promoted Biafine on TikTok, which they use daily as a moisturizer: a bad idea since it could be dangerous. We take stock.

Beauty products and France is a great love story. On average, people in France buy around fifty beauty products a year and spend 10% of their budget on them. Moreover, our country is renowned throughout the world, in particular thanks to its cosmetic/care products sold in pharmacies. Recently, one of them made the buzz on TikTok: Biafine cream. Originally applied for relieve sunburnseveral American influencers have praised its merits as a moisturizer to be applied every day, a use that is not suitable and which can have consequences on the skin.

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Biafine, an effective day cream? Not quite…

For some time now, the hashtag #biafine has been buzzing on TikTok, racking up nearly 5 million views. If this cream is renowned for calming burns and sunburn, its use has been diverted by American TikTokeuses returning from travel. Thus, instead of applying this cream on an ad hoc basis and on targeted areas of the skin, the latter use it as day creamand thus recommend a daily application of Biafine. The TikTokeuse @glowwithava, which has 1.4 million subscribers, speaks on a video of Biafine as a “miracle” product. Indeed, according to her, this product would benefit from deep hydration for the driest skin and thus fight against dehydration thanks to its rich and soothing formula.

@glowwithava opened it as soon as i got back to my hotel room #biafine #frenchskincare #frenchpharmacy #frenchpharmacyskincare #citypharma #beautytipswithava #frenchsecret ♬ original sound – Nostalgia Hub

Results ? This pseudo-trick caused a lot of enthusiasm on the platform and several followers did not hesitate to buy several tubes to avoid running out. Thinking they have found “the miracle solution”, users of Biafine see this cream as a multifunction moisturizing product that can relieve burns, sunburn and above all hydrate the skin as much as possible. The problem ? The reality is quite different and applying Biafine every day is not recommended.

A trend that the French disapprove of

If the Americans thought they had found the “holy grail” in terms of hydration by applying Biafine as a moisturizer, the French who came across the video did not fail to recall that Biafine was not made for that. We could then read on the video: “That’s for the blows of sunshine madam not for the face eh” or even: “Biafine is for burns and Sun burn… it’s greasy, it sticks, it’s thick”.

Applying Biafine every day, a dangerous routine

The fact that its use is misused is not the real problem. Biafine contains triethanolamine, an allergen suspected of being carcinogenic. This is why this cream should not be applied in large quantities over a long period of time. In fact, according to the website ofInci Beauty, this could have adverse health consequences: “Numerous studies (including CIR) seem to indicate that TEA is toxic to the skin, the immune system and the respiratory tract in humans. One or more animal studies have shown effects on the sense organs at very low doses, particularly when used around the mouth, eyes and lips, and one or more in vitro cell tests of mammals showed positive mutation results”.

This is not the only negative element observed. Contrary to what the TikTokeuse @glowwithava asserts, Biafine should not be applied every day since it is photosensitizing to the sun, that is to say that it increases the sensitivity of the skin to solar radiation. This is also confirmed by a hospital pharmacist on the site ” France Info “: “The risk of photosensitization is real for certain drugs, which then cause, when the subject is exposed to the sun, allergies or spots on the skin, which can be irreversible”.

It is important to remember that Biafine is not a cosmetic product, but is indeed a drug. It is recommended to use it only in case of sunburn or superficial burn and not as a moisturizer.

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