Top 10 sectors that will recruit in the future

In recent years, the labor market in France has undergone major transformations due to the evolution of new technology-driven production models. For this reason, in the digital age various professional fields are expected to transform into the next ones.

In this context, certain professions that are still very much in the minority today could in 20 years be the engines of the labor market. If you are looking for information on what the jobs of the future will be, know that Jobijoba, the job site, mentions here:, which companies offer great job opportunities today and will also offer them in a few years. With Jobijoba, the user obtains the results of more than 400 partner job offer sites in a single search. Thanks to the advanced search and the various filters available, it is possible to find the job you are looking for in less than a few minutes. With more than 1,000,000 job offers on this platform, you will easily discover your profession with a promising future.

10 professions with high potential in the future

Cybersecurity Expert

Businesses of all kinds face an increasing number of cyberattacks on a daily basis, and the threat is growing with the digital transformation of businesses. But the number of trained professionals in this field is still insufficient.

Every company must be able to manage its data, store it and above all protect it. For this reason, cybersecurity jobs are one of the up-and-coming careers you could consider if this subject interests you. As a cybersecurity expert, you could earn an annual salary between €30,000 and €60,000, and your area of ​​work would be in both the public and private sector; since all companies, regardless of their activity, are subject to cyberattacks.

blockchain developer

Blockchain is a set of technologies that allow users to secure, synchronize, decentralize and distribute digital operations, without the need for intermediaries.

Its use has become popular due to the success of cryptocurrencies but also for its tamper-proof characteristics making it perfect for many activities, such as the execution of smart contracts. For this, experts believe that its use will intensify in the near future. Currently, large companies in the technology and financial sectors have already started implementing blockchain-based projects. The consulting firm PWC conducted a survey of the leaders of 600 companies in 15 countries and 84% of them said they are developing a project related to blockchain technology.

robotics engineer

Various studies indicate that “robotization” will be the fourth industrial revolution and destroy millions of jobs around the world. Many employees fear that their work will be replaced by a robot. But the truth is that the rise of robotics will create more jobs than it destroys. For this, the demand for robotics experts and engineers capable of repairing machines and improving systems will be growing.

Robotics has now become an essential discipline. This is a future career you can consider, especially if you are passionate about developing drones, bots, mechanical arms, robots, etc.

Big Data Specialist

Big Data Analyst is one of the professions of the future and its specialists are among the most sought-after professionals by companies. Data are valuable resources that allow companies to understand how their customers, employees, competition, among others, behave. And from the information and conclusions obtained from a large amount of data, plans and strategies can be developed to drive the company to achieve its goals.

Think of the enormous amount of data that companies like Facebook or Twitter receive, in order for this data to be useful to them, these companies must clean and filter it in order to obtain relevant information that allows them to make relevant decisions. Professionals trained to do this task are still very rare, so it’s a good opportunity now and even more in the future.

Geriatric staff

Countries like France will have around 30% of their population will be over 60 in 2060, according to INSEE. For this reason, professionals specializing in geriatrics will be among the most in demand in hospitals in the most developed countries.

The elderly develop differentiated pathologies compared to the rest of the population and the management of these diseases will require specific knowledge.

Environmental engineer

The scope of work of an environmental engineer is very broad. You can advise companies in the agricultural, livestock, mining, energy sector or work in the public sector. An environmental scientist seeks to understand the processes of the environment and how it constantly interacts with people. In this way, you can generate projects that are technically and economically viable, but which prioritize the conservation of natural resources. This is one of the careers that allow you to create positive change on the planet. This will be an increasingly demanding job as new controls and restrictions are put in place to preserve the environment.

IT Developer

It is undoubtedly one of the professions of the future with more potential. In recent years, the demand has skyrocketed and there is a shortage of qualified professionals, which is why salaries are high. The positions an IT developer can fill vary widely. You can choose what to specialize in based on the industry you like the most or the type of tasks you prefer to perform. You can build software, apps, video games, cloud solutions, or programs that solve specific problems in a given industry.

Digital Marketing Expert

Among the professions of the future, digital marketing has become one of the most in demand in the world. More and more companies are hiring or carrying out specialized market researchers, in particular due to the growth of e-commerce and the use of search engines and social networks to compare products before making the purchase. Along with the rise of online stores, more and more companies are choosing to integrate this profile into their workforce to better succeed in their digital marketing strategies.

Human ressources

The human resources department is one of the fundamental pillars in a company, whatever its size and economic activity.

The population is aging and labor will be increasingly scarce. Therefore, the role of HR will be decisive for the company, which is why it is considered one of the professions that will be in greatest demand in the future. In particular the position of talent manager, who is the person in charge of training professionals to strengthen their skills and, in addition, he manages the hiring of new employees and reduces staff turnover.

Artificial intelligence specialist

An AI specialist is responsible for designing and creating objects that autonomously provide solutions to problems. Some examples are self-driving cars and robots that work in factories and perform operations pre-programmed by humans. Because AI is used in different industries, what it takes to become a specialist varies depending on the area you want to work in. But undoubtedly it will be necessary to know mathematics, physics and programming.

The final word :

With the advance of technology, many professions emerge or reinvent themselves according to the technologies used, but also according to their impact on our society. The professions of the future are careers in different fields for which there are great expectations for the years and decades to come, creating great professional opportunities for the people who choose them.

If you’re considering a transition or new to the job market, it’s good to look ahead rather than just thinking about occupations that are in high demand right now.

After the above information on labor market trends for the years and decades to come, do you think you are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow?

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