Tongue scraper: how to use it and what are its benefits?

Published on July 20, 2022 at 2:32 p.m.

Tongue scraper: why you should (every day) adopt this new beauty gesture

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Brought up to date, the tongue scraper has many benefits. Focus on this tool that will revolutionize our beauty routine.

Who would have thought that he would find a VIP seat between our gua-sha and our favorite serum? The tongue scraper is, at first glance, nothing very sexy. And yet, this Ayurvedic accessory could well become our new essential. Especially since it is now glamorized by beauty brands. Lauren Livieri, Ayurveda practitioner gives us the keys to use it well.

Why scratch your tongue?

Scratching your tongue is an essential gesture in the Ayurvedic wellness routine. Still confidential in the West, few are those to impose it in their daily lives. If some already practice this gesture with their toothbrush, you should know that it removes less deposit than the tongue scraper. Our expert suggests getting started with this gesture using a small spoon to start. But nothing beats a real tongue scraper!

To have tested the object in question, you have to be honest: at the first use, you start looking in the mirror with your mouth open, your tongue hanging out, and wondering what went wrong in your life to get there. the. Then very quickly, we remember that ridicule does not kill and that the gesture is not so unpleasant. On the contrary, the more you scratch, the more you have the feeling of doing yourself good and optimizing your oral hygiene. And for good reason. “We remove the accumulation of toxins by removing the mucus deposit on the tongue. Thus, we avoid swallowing them and these toxins return to our digestive system to disrupt digestion, ”explains Lauren Livieri. “In India, this gesture has been practiced for two millennia to cleanse and purify the body. It also has breath benefits. Scratching your tongue is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth, as is tooth brushing. “.


In the morning, on an empty stomach, take your tongue scraper and scrape from the bottom of the tongue to the end (bring the tool towards the teeth). Be careful not to start too far, you shouldn’t make yourself vomit. “You can start from the middle to the tip of the tongue and then go further once you are comfortable. Do not press too hard but repeat the operation if necessary. The idea? Get rid of the irregular white deposit that hangs on our tongue in the morning and have a pinker tongue, without irregularity.
Finally, the bonus step is to rinse with a mouthwash dedicated tococonut oil or sesame in general.

How to clean your tongue scraper?

You must wipe your tongue scraper after each use and rinse it with water. But regularly, it is important to clean it more thoroughly. How ? With soap or white vinegar to prevent the metal from rusting. Remember to rinse it well before putting it back in your mouth.

The best tongue scrapers

In general, prefer a metal tongue scraper for its solidity. Our pro recommends opting for a copper tongue scraper for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties or, failing that, stainless steel.

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