Tiramisu Blonde: Emma Roberts cracks for the coloring of the moment

Published on November 14, 2022 at 11:56 am

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts – ©Berzane Nasser/ABACA

Ideal for warming up your blonde, the “Tiramisu Blonde” color is characterized by coffee roots and mascarpone lengths. Yum !

Nutella, chocolate, strawberry, caramel… If these names make your mouth water, they are also used to describe certain hair colors. The latest to enter the very closed circle of gourmet hair colors? The “blonde tiramisu”. Recently adopted by the actress Emma Roberts, this ultra-trendy color features dark roots reminiscent of the top espresso layer of the famous cake, while the lighter lengths are akin to the color of the mascarpone inside the cake. To go from platinum blonde to “blonde tiramisu”, the niece of Julia Roberts called on the famous hair stylist Nikki Lee.

OConnor Lisa/AFF/ABACA

The “Blonde Tiramisu”, for whom?

The advantage of this trendy color is that it is suitable for both brunettes than blondes. Indeed, brunettes can opt for the “”blonde tiramisu”” without lightening their hair too much, while cold blonde can warm up their mane with these coffee-colored shades. Plus, dark roots add depth to your blonde color and allow naturally dark hair to space out salon appointments.

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