TikTok Trending: Here’s Why Applying Glycolic Acid As Deodorant Isn’t A Good Idea

Posted on August 19, 2022 at 10:15 a.m.

TikTok Trending: Here's Why Applying Glycolic Acid As Deodorant Isn't A Good Idea

TikTok trending: Here’s why applying glycolic acid as a deodorant isn’t a good idea – ©Istock / LaylaBird

A beauty trend has recently taken over TikTok: the use of glycolic acid as a deodorant. If the influencers praise the merits of this product which would be ideal for absorbing bad odors, using it as an antiperspirant could prove to be dangerous for your health. We take stock.

TikTok is a veritable Eldorado when it comes to trends, especially those relating to beauty. Nevertheless, not everything is good to take on the Chinese social network and sometimes certain recommendations can be harmful to health. This was the case recently with the Biafine cream, recommended to soothe burns and sunburns, which has been used by many influencers as a moisturizer. However, applying this product daily to the face is dangerous for health and for the skin.
Recently, a new trend has emerged: that of using glycolic acid, present in many cosmetics, as a deodorant to reduce bad odors.

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What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is an exfoliating product that is obtained from sugar cane, beet or grape extract. It is used on the face or on the body to eliminate dead cells on the surface of the skin in order to improve its texture and its appearance. It also promotes cell regeneration and refines pores.
But recently, its primary use has been diverted. On TikTok, many users have indeed had the idea of ​​using glycolic acid as a healthy alternative to deodorant. The problem ? If at first glance this method may seem ideal, it is actually dangerous for health.

Glycolic acid: a good deodorant? TikTok is racing

TikTok got hyped up over glycolic acid. There are no less than 264.4 million videos with the hashtag #glycolicacid. Recently, this product has been making a buzz for its use as a deodorant. Thus, the hashtag #glycolicaciddeodorant now counts 9.1 million views. The influencer of @calistatee who is followed by 116,400 people also praised the merits of this practice on her TikTok account, via a video, the young woman explains: “I no longer buy deodorant. Here’s why: I use glycolic acid, which helps eliminate bad odors associated with perspiration”.

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In this publication, the TikTokeuse recommends applying the product under the armpits using a cotton ball in order to ” to exfoliate the skin “. She claims to use the product every day and points out that “the result was almost immediate”.

What are the dangers of this product?

The problem ? Applying this fruit acid under the armpits would have an irritating effect. In fact, the skin of armpits is particularly fine and sensitive, so it is important not to attack it with a scrub. Moreover, many professionals advise against applying glycolic acid every day to this part of the body. This is particularly the case of Dr Aamma Adel known on TikTok under the pseudonym @dermatology.doctor. The professional did not hesitate to react via a video on this trend, thus affirming that “this active principle helps to reduce the pH of the skin, which reduces the quantity of bacteria responsible for odors and eliminates them. It does not actually reduce the amount of sweat, as it is not an antiperspirant. This product can also reduce underarm hyperpigmentation. I wouldn’t use it more than once or twice a week because of the risk of irritation”.

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