TikTok: 10 craziest beauty trends of 2022

A few days before the end of 2022, it’s time to take stock. While some are already thinking about their resolution for 2023, others are looking back on the past twelve months. In our view? The beauty trends from TikTok that have amazed us as much as annoyed us. Because, if we confess to spending too much time on this application, everything is not to be taken literally. However, some tips are really very useful to us. Overview.

discolored eyebrows

The idea? This is arguably the biggest trend of 2022. Bleached brows, also called bleached, have been very popular on the app. Beautistas have unveiled many tutorials to bleach them at home or cover them up with makeup.

Our Verdict : We love…. on Bella Hadid (and other models)! If we recognize that the trend is very stylish, we have not yet managed to gather enough courage to take the plunge.

Anti-pimple patches

@starface me every day #starface #pimplepatch #euphoria #acne #fyp ♬ original sound – chrissvoiid

The idea? Popularized on the app, anti-pimple patches are now everywhere. Generally applied at night, these small stickers are enriched with ultra-concentrated active ingredients and target a specific area of ​​the face.

Our Verdict : Anti-pimple patches have become a real addiction. Many brands now offer their version. We love !

Biafine as a moisturizer

The idea? In the United States, some Americans have praised the merits of Biafine cream. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. This cult product known to soothe sunburn has many benefits on the skin. But the TikTokeuses have diverted its use to make a moisturizer. A pseudo-trick that is likely to do much more harm than good.

Our Verdict : It is important to remember that Biafine is a medicine and not a cosmetic product. In addition, the latter contains triethanolamine, an allergen suspected of being carcinogenic. This is why this cream should not be applied in large quantities for a long time.

The crying makeup

@zoekimkenealy #greenscreen crying makeup look tutorial Can I go as a crying person for Halloween or is that not a thing #cryingmakeup #tearmakeup #cryingeyes #makeupforhalloween ♬ Show Me How (Album V) – Men I Trust

The idea? This fall, a funny make-up trend emerged on the social network. baptized “crying makeup”, the latter consists of accentuating the physical effects of a crying session. On the program: wet look skin, shiny eyes, red cheeks and lips.

Our Verdict : We note the originality of the trend, but we gladly go our way.


The idea? Coming straight from South Korea, the trend of slugging (understand “slug” in English which means “slug”) consists in coating the whole of the face with petroleum jelly during the night. Very popular in Asia, this beauty gesture would have benefits against winter ailments such as drought.

Our Verdict : If dry skin has found its beauty ally, acne-prone skin must flee at all costs.

Sunscreen contouring

The idea? Put sunscreen only on the light areas of the face in order to darken certain parts of the face thanks to the tan and thus obtain a natural contouring without make-up. Already very popular in 2021, the sunscreen contouring made its comeback this summer to our greatest regret.

Our Verdict: This ultra-dangerous trend can lead to sunburn, burns, skin aging, or even worse, skin cancer. To be avoided, therefore.

Glitter mascara

@hermesitgirl2 alexa,bella and devon literally screaming I love this #bellahadid #devonleecarlson #alexademie #itgirl #nyc #euphoria #maddyperez #dior ♬ original sound – ‍

The idea? Featured on the catwalks of Fashion Week and popularized on TikTok, the glitter mascara made its revolution this year. A new way to wear mascara showing off glittery lashes.

Our Verdict : An evening make-up that changes! Our tip? Apply several coats of black mascara before the glitter mascara for voluminous eyelashes.

The menstrual mask

The idea? Touted as a breakthrough home skincarethe menstrual mask (recognized by the hashtag #periodbloodfacemask) involves applying a mask made from menstrual blood to the face. Yes, you read that right.

Our Verdict : This time – forgive us -, for obvious reasons, we did not test this trend. On the other hand, many dermatologists quickly alerted to the dangerousness of this mask which could lead to infections.

Botox patches

The idea? This year, many beautistas praised the merits of Botox patches on the app. These botulinum toxin adhesive strips, marketed by many brands, would help delay the appearance of wrinkles

Our Verdict : If the effects of these Botox patches are very real, they only last a few hours (and still).

Mouth tapping

@laurynbosstick @Andrew Huberman & @clairegrieve27 raved about this on @tscpod so i had to try it & OMIGOD YES (but do ur own research obv) #mouthtape #mouthtapingforsleep #mouthtape #mouthtapesleeping #sleephacking ♬ Paradise – Ikson

The idea? A real phenomenon on TikTok, the mouth tapping involves taping your lips at night to successfully fall into deep sleep and sleep better. A technique that would help fight against sleep disorders according to users of the application.

Our Verdict : If breathing through the nose is better for your health, this technique remains very dangerous. In addition to irritating the lips, this trick could cause breathing problems.

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