Threading hair removal: all you need to know about this ancestral method

Updated on August 05, 2022 at 3:06 p.m.

Threading hair removal: all you need to know about this ancestral method

Threading hair removal: everything you need to know about this ancestral method – © Imaxtree

Also called Indian, Turkish or Lebanese hair removal, thread hair removal is an ancestral technique that has quickly become one of the leading methods in the Western beauty sphere. Johanna Alini, founder of “Jardins de Nana” and specialist in threading hair removal, helped us see things more clearly.

Threading hair removal, how does it work?

Imprisoned between two fine but very resistant cotton threads, the hairs are torn out with their bulb. The practitioner performs a precise movement with her hand in order to increase the twist of the threads and to remove the hair to the root to prevent it from breaking and ensure an impeccable result. This technique allows, if practiced by a well-trained person, to remove an entire strip of hair with extreme precision.

Threading hair removal, who is it for?

Threading hair removal is very popular with women but also a lot with men, more and more of whom are choosing this technique to redraw the line of their beard and remove unsightly hair that grows too high on the cheeks.

Face, body… Which areas can be threaded?

Practiced on the whole body in some Eastern countries, thread hair removal concerns in the West only the different parts of the face such as the chin, the cheeks, the cheekbones, theeyebrow shaping or that of the upper lip, also known asmustache waxing. Waxing larger areas would indeed be too tedious with this time-consuming method.

Threading hair removal, does it hurt?

If the technique seems impressive, thread epilation is no more painful thanwaxing. For some people, it is even less unpleasant than using tweezers. Of course, it’s all a question of pain sensitivity and feeling, which varies considerably from person to person as well as the technique of the institute. The best way to find out is still to test to form your own opinion!

The benefits of threading

– Contrary to what is often said, thread hair removal is not very painful. However, it is necessary to choose a practitioner or a practitioner who perfectly masters the technique.

– There are very few ingrown hairs with the use of wire

– The regrowth of hair is slower than with other hair removal techniques because there are fewer broken hairs when pulling out

– Threading hair removal is a 100% natural method that can be performed on all skin types, even sensitive

– No risk of burning or irritation with threading

– Threading is a hygienic method, the thread is thrown away after each use

– If threading is perfectly mastered, it is very fast. An eyebrow line may only take five minutes.

– Threading is effective on all hairs, even the shortest ones

The disadvantages of threading

– Thread hair removal is a technique that is not accessible to everyone, so you have to go to a beautician. You can’t do it at home. An important point to consider in theeyebrow maintenance.

– This hair removal technique is not suitable for parts of the body whose surface is too large such as the legs, armpits, back… It is only really interesting for the face and possibly the phalanges if you want a perfectly shaved skin.

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