This sunscreen protects against jellyfish stings

Posted on July 12, 2022 at 11:14 a.m.

This sunscreen protects against jellyfish stings

This sunscreen protects against jellyfish stings – ©Anchiy/Getty Images

While many jellyfish are expected this summer in the Mediterranean, an extraordinary sunscreen takes care of protecting you from stings. Explanations.

While the holidays have already started for some and are fast approaching for others, it is normal to wonder about the essential things to put in your suitcase. If the swimsuit and the sunscreen are the essentials of the summer, know that biologists say that jellyfish will be more abundant than other years in the Mediterranean. The reason ? An ideal ocean climate for their proliferation. But don’t panic. We discovered that there was a sunscreen capable of protecting against jellyfish stings. Yes, yes, you read that right.

How it works ?

The brand SafeSea has developed a technology which, in addition to its high sun protection index (SPF50), acts as an “anti-jellyfish” and protects the skin from contact with these animals and therefore from their bites. Harmless to jellyfish, this cream does not act as a repellent, but as an inhibitor: it repels jellyfish by acting on the smell given off by human skin. For this, the product forms a sort of barrier on the surface of the skin thanks to active ingredients such as DEET, a chemical compound that acts on the receptors of these animals and interferes with their perception, making them believe that it is acts of environmental odors. In other words, if the jellyfish come into contact with your skin, they do not detect you as prey and therefore do not sting. Ideal for spending a quiet holiday by the sea, the formula of Safe Sea sunscreen lasts over 80 minutes and releases no active ingredients into the sea, making it a reef friendly product. Hat !

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