This product promises to clean your makeup brushes in 30 seconds.

Published on August 15, 2022 at 9:37 am

This product promises to clean your makeup brushes in 30 seconds.

This product promises to clean your makeup brushes in 30 seconds – © iStock – Hiraman

No more excuses for not cleaning your beauty blender, brushes and other makeup accessories, thanks to this ultra-fast cleaning product. Zoom.

We already know it but once is not custom, social networks are real goldmines of tips. The latest in the beauty sphere? A revolutionary product allowing clean our makeup brushes and other accessories in record time. The proof in images in a TikTok video showing the make-up influencer, responding to the pseudo makeupby_analiza, pour the liquid into a container before plunging her many brushes into it. Two or three strokes of the hand and a few seconds later, the bristles of the accessories get rid of the greasy and opaque materials of foundations, blushes or even eye shadows and regain their initial color.

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Brush cleaner, Cinema Secrets, €16.25 for 120 ml. Available on

The importance of cleaning your make-up accessories

With this product, there are no more excuses not to adopt this beauty gesture, especially when you know the veritable nests of germs that are our make-up accessories. This is in any case what advanced a British study relayed by the New York Post in April 2022 after having analyzed 12 different accessories and discovered no less than 4364 colonies of yeasts and bacteria. Our daily tools for creating quality makeup must therefore be maintained and above all cleaned regularly. If Tik Tok delivered, a few months ago, a convincing trick to clean your beauty blender with only detergent and a microwave, you can also clean your makeup brushes with a little warm water, Marseille soap and a washcloth. The whole thing is to leave our accessories in the open air before reusing them. To be repeated after each normal use…

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