This polish color returns just in time for winter

Published on October 12, 2022 at 9:46 am

This polish color returns just in time for winter

This polish color returns just in time for winter – © imaxtree

Seen on many celebrities, this nail polish color that does not go unnoticed is making a comeback for the winter season.

It’s hard to tell each other, and yet: summer is definitely behind us. If autumn is rather mild, negative temperatures will soon arrive. And who says new season says new trend. On the manicure side, vitamin nails will give way to darker shades. If the glazed donut nails continues to seduce fashionable girls, a color is once again making a name for itself. Yes, black nails are back. Seen on Hailey Bieber or Kendall Jenner, this manicure that does not go unnoticed returns just in time for winter.

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© Instagram @haileybieber

Black nails: the timeless trend

Every year, starting in October, black varnish makes its appearance again. Left aside during the summer period, this timeless is not long in coming back. Adopted by all celebrities, this manicure has long been decried. At the time, black nails were reserved for rebellious beautistas, those who dared to wear colored locks, piercings and listened to Avril Lavigne’s hits over and over. In short, the “emo girls”. Since then, dark varnishes, like black, have been totally democratized. Today, black even tends to compete with the traditional red varnish. The little thing? Celebrities wear it on short nails. However, artists from the younger generation like Rosalia or Billie Eilish regularly dare extravagant manicures for our greatest pleasure. Better still, more and more men proudly show off manicured nails like Harry Styles, Bad Bunny or A$ap Rocky. In their sights? The black varnish, of course.

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