This new trend adopted by Bella Hadid will make you nostalgic

Published on July 18, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

This new trend adopted by Bella Hadid will make you nostalgic

This new trend adopted by Bella Hadid will make you nostalgic – © instagram @bellahadid

In her Instagram story, the model displayed herself with a temporary tattoo worthy of our childhood. Photo.

Bella Hadid loves vintage and proves it to us daily. When it does not bring up to date the cult 2000s tracksuit by Juicy Couture, the pretty brunette appears with the hairstyles of our childhood. Mini quilts, medusa ponytail, buns… The young woman makes us rediscover trends that we thought were forgotten forever. The latest? The temporary tattoo. Remember… In the 2000s, these fake tattoos were everywhere. Inspired by the divas of our time like Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne or Christina Aguilera, many beautistas opted for these fantasies. And then over time, real tattoos have replaced these ephemeral Malabar-style tattoos. Forgotten forever? Not really. For the past few months, Bella Hadid has been reviving this vintage trend. In her Instagram story, the young woman opted for a rhinestone version of an ephemeral tattoo symbolizing a butterfly. A pattern inspired by Y2K fashion that has been making a comeback lately. It was enough to pique our curiosity… and especially our desire!

© instagram @bellahadid

Why adopt an ephemeral tattoo like Bella Hadid?

In recent years, the world of beauty has turned into a veritable playground. We love bold and creative make-up. We dare the hairstyles of the past and forgotten trends like the ephemeral tattoo. Ideal for a festival or an evening, the temporary tattoo now upgrades our summer outfit. Why do we love it? Because it is ephemeral, of course! But also because it acts like a Proust madeleine and gives us back that carefree taste of our childhood.

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