This multi-colored manicure perfect for the summer is very easy to achieve

Published on August 01, 2022 at 8:27 am

This multi-colored manicure perfect for the summer is very easy to achieve

This summer-perfect multicolored manicure is super easy to do Р©instagram @polish.lab.rat

Ultra trendy, this summer manicure can be done at home thanks to this simple technique.

If we are looking to display perfect nails throughout the year, it is in summer that we want to be particularly original. This year, the color and style inspiration are so numerous that it is not easy to make a choice of manicure. Real trend last year, the colorful french manicure continues to plague the hands of fashionable girls. But if you’re looking for something new, know that it’s the turn of an association of three colors to invite itself on our hands this summer. The advantage of this manicure? The possibility of modulating it as desired by opting for an infinity of different colors. Seen on social networks, this nail beauty treatment is very easy to reproduce, even at home.

Here’s how to make the tricolor manicure at home

It was on her Instagram account that nail artist Larissa revealed her infallible technique for reproducing the tricolor manicure at home. Once a protective base has been applied, start by depositing a first coat of varnish in the color of your choice on your entire nail. Leave to dry for a few seconds then apply a second color vertically starting from the middle of the nail and going up with each pass a little more on your nail. Continue the same process with the last color and apply a top coat to seal it all. You are ready for a sunny vacation.

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