This moisturizing balm at less than 10€ is the darling of the stars

Published on August 18, 2022 at 12:22

This moisturizing balm at less than 10€ is the darling of the stars

This moisturizing balm for less than €10 is the darling of the stars – ©Instagram @haileybieber

Acclaimed for its moisturizing and restorative properties, this Eucerin balm has become the flagship product of many stars.

Meghan Markle, BeyonceHailey Bieber, Charlize Theron… In addition to being all world famous celebrities, they share another common point: having perfect skin. The secret to this smooth and even skin? A well thought out beauty routine. While they all have their own rituals, one treatment stands out from each of them: Eucerin’s Aquaphor repairing balm. And yes, because to have fresh and radiant skin, it must be healthy. And that goes first through a good hydration. A step in a skincare routine that can never be forgotten.

Eucerin Aquaphor balm: a magic formula for success

Already in 2010, Beyoncé painted her face with it in the evening, leaving it on all night, like a mask, she explained to the American magazine Elle. Daniel Martin – Meghan Markle’s regular makeup artist – told the American site “E! that he constantly uses this product on his clients to moisturize the skin and give a glow to the complexion, adding that “Aquaphor will give the same texture as a highlighter, especially in photography when applied to the highlighting points of the face”. The last to have confessed to regularly using this product: Hailey Bieber. The young woman recently asked about her favorite products to confide in being a great follower of care.

But what makes celebrities’ hearts beat for this product? This is undoubtedly his wording. Minimalist, non-comedogenic, without preservatives or fragrance, Aquaphor by Eucerin has a trio of moisturizing active ingredients – based on panthenol, bisabolol and glycerin – which promote skin regeneration. Two emollient waxes then act to protect the epidermis and give it a barrier against external aggressions. In other words, this product provides deep hydration of the skin in addition to offering protection for the whole day.
Its only downside: it is not suitable for all skin types, especially oily, for daily use. On the other hand, in the event of intense drought, it is the ideal ally.

Eucerin’s Aquaphor repairing balm is available for less than 10€ on the website

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