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This mistake we all make when applying our eye contour - Work clothes - Safety shoes Franck de Lesdema

This mistake we all make when applying our eye contour

Published on January 31, 2023 at 6:21 p.m.

This mistake we all make when applying our eye contour

This mistake that we all make when applying our eye contour – © iStock – fizkes

Do you use an eye contour treatment? Don’t do this anymore, it could be counterproductive.

Care eye area has established itself as a must-have in our beauty routines. Effective and recognized for its moisturizing, anti-fatigue and anti-aging properties, it is a true ally of our skin. However, there are many who make the wrong move when using it. To apply it correctly, we asked for advice from Carole-Anne Launay, La Mer Training Manager.

First misdeed most commonly committed: after taking a little care, it is applied below the eyes, where dark circles and fine lines of dehydration are lodged. Big mistake! Our expert explains: “The treatment will go up as close as possible to the eye contour by capillarity. Applying its eyeliner just below the eye can be irritating and create puffiness. We therefore avoid depositing the product just below the eye but well above the cheekbone by gently tapping on this very sensitive area. Some eye contours can even be applied under the eyebrow to illuminate the look. It is also recommended to take the product with the ring finger (the weakest finger and therefore the one that will naturally press less) rather than the index finger.


In addition to applying near the root of the eyelashes, the pro lists other common mistakes: “applying too much product, too much pressure, or not massaging your eye contour treatment”. It is also recommended to use a Gua Sha to smooth the area which will accompany our treatment very well.

On the frequency side, we remind you that this beauty product must be used morning and evening, daily from the age of 20. Before an action against the aging of the skin, you can opt for an eye contour that will wake up this area prone to dark circles and puffiness, reminds the expert. Finally, we choose a refreshing one such as La Mer Eye Concentrate which can serve as a moisturizing base before applying theconcealer and thus prevent makeup from setting during the day. A product that you definitely have to have in your vanity.

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