This miracle hair spray makes hair ultra shiny and waterproof

Published on May 27, 2022 at 11:49 am

This miracle hair spray makes hair ultra shiny and waterproof

This miracle hair spray makes hair super shiny and waterproof – ©Greg Swales

We know how difficult it is to find a hair product capable of overcoming frizz when the mercury starts to climb. Here is why Color Wow’s “Dream Coat” spray is a summer must-have.

Recently, we talked about the ” Glass Hair “, this trend adopted by many celebrities which consists of displaying smooth, ultra straight and silky hair. However, it is not always obvious to display impeccable hair when the temperatures rise or, on the contrary, when the weather is acting up. We know it well: humidity is the worst enemy of our hair. Fortunately, our favorite social network, aka TikTok, has brought to light a miraculous treatment capable of making hair waterproof, fighting frizz and displaying ultra silky hair. The product in question? The ” Dream Coat by Color Wow.

@chrisappletonhair Finally water proof frizz free hair #dreamcoat ♬ original sound – Chrisappleton1

The Color Wow Dream Coat: a real hair waterproofer

If this product has been around for several years, Chris Appleton, the favorite hairdresser of celebrities, recently put it forward on his social networks. And the result is impressive! In a video viewed more than 15 million times (just that) we see the hair stylist apply the “Dream Coat” to wet hair before blow-drying. Activated by heat, the product forms an invisible and waterproof barrier on the hair and instantly fights against the frizz. Results ? The hair is smooth, silky and ready to face capricious weather for several days. No wonder Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are fans!

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