This male cologne with lemon is also the favorite of many women

Published on July 15, 2022 at 10:45 a.m.

This masculine lemon cologne is also a favorite of many women

This masculine lemon cologne is also a favorite of many women – ©Westend61/Getty Images

Very popular in Spain, this cologne for men also appeals to many women and some Parisians.

The smell is above all a matter of taste. For decades, some women have sworn only by male fragrances to perfume themselves and vice versa. Faced with this observation, perfumers have made it a point of honor to create mixed perfumes to encourage consumers to choose an odor before a gender. The pioneer? Calvin Klein with his cologne Ck One launched in the 1990s. At the time, this iconic fragrance met with great success. The message claimed by its advertising was clear: you don’t have to conform to a model to belong to a group. Among these perfumes that seduce both men and women, there is one that is talked about for its lemony side, light, fresh and perfect for summer. This is the cologne Limoncello from the Spanish brand El Ganso.


“Limoncello”: the smell of a sunny day

A real best-seller in Spain, especially in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, this cologne has also conquered Paris and Lisbon. Designed for men, this fragrance now appeals to many women who buy it as much for their partner as for themselves. Its success is due to its skilful blend of lemon, apple, ginger, rose, moss and musk, which makes it a citrus scent like no other. Both refreshing and energizing, “Limoncello” can be worn at any time and evokes the smell of a sunny day spent among the lemon trees.

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