This makeup inspired by Bella Hadid is a hit on the networks

Published on November 08, 2022 at 10:48 am

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid – ©imaxtree

On the TikTok platform, tutorials revealing how to copy the beauty look of the famous model are multiplying. Demonstration.

Bella Hadid is a true beauty icon. Famous for her feline gaze and mischievous face, the model accumulates contracts. From the biggest fashion shows to the front pages of the most prestigious magazines, Gigi Hadid’s little sister continues to inspire the world of fashion and beauty. She also recently caused a sensation with a spray dress created directly on her body during the show Coperni. But lately, it’s her makeover that’s been talking a lot. Indeed, on the TikTok social network, tutorials aimed at reproducing your makeup are multiplying and experiencing real success.

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How to reproduce Bella Hadid’s makeup?

An extraordinary beauty, Bella Hadid is distinguished by her ultra-sculpted face, her prominent cheekbones and her lifted look. If some of his physical characteristics were obtained through cosmetic surgery, others can be easily copied without going over the billiards. On TikTok, beauty influencer @juliettaf unveiled a contouring trick to replicate Bella Hadid’s sculpted face with just a few expertly placed brush strokes. For that, nothing could be simpler: instead of placing the bronzer in cream only at the level of your cheekbones, continue the line to your jawline. Then blend the product with a makeup sponge and apply a light colored concealer to intensify the sculpted effect. In total, the video of this Bella Hadid-style beauty has generated 1.2 million views.

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