This eyelash booster serum is a hit on the networks

Published on August 31, 2022 at 8:56 am

This eyelash booster serum is a hit on the networks

This eyelash booster serum is a hit on the networks – ©HQuality Video/iStock

The promise of this treatment specially dedicated to the eyes? XXL eyelashes in just a few applications.

TikTok has struck again. After this blush from a major brand and this mask with hyaluronic acid, it’s the turn of a treatment dedicated to the look to make the buzz on social networks. Specially designed to boost the grow eyelashes, this hybrid serum launched by the famous brand The Ordinary accumulates positive opinions on the TikTok platform. His promise? Display a doe look without having to go through the mascara box. But why is this product so popular?



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After the success of his first line for hair, The Ordinary has chosen to launch its first product intended for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Thanks to its formula enriched with peptides, the multi-peptide serum nourishes, protects, strengthens eyelashes and eyebrows while boosting their density and thickness. To take full advantage of its benefits, apply the product directly to the line of the eyelashes and eyebrows twice a day. Its texture, which dries very quickly, allows you to apply your day and/or night cream immediately after use. “We recommend using it morning and evening for 12 weeks to be able to see all its benefits”, wishes to specify the brand. We are starting tonight. And you?

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