This big brand blush is making the buzz on the networks

Published on August 17, 2022 at 3:34 p.m.

This big brand blush is making the buzz on the networks

This big brand blush is making a buzz on the networks – ©iMaxtree

With a unique texture, this blush is hailed by all the coolest girls around.

It is an essential part of our make-up bag: the blush. Whether you prefer it pink or a little warmer, in orange tones, it is, whatever happens, ideal for providing an instant healthy glow effect. Which explains why we like to wear it without moderation.
But finding the blush of our dreams is not always an easy task: between the powdery finishes that we sometimes consider too volatile and not pigmented enough, or even cream textures which can leave a feeling of oily skin… our heart skips a beat. One of them, despite everything, seems to stand out from the crowd and meets all our requirements: the blush “Les Beiges Water Fresh Blush” signed Chanel. According to the TikTok influencers, this blush would be the most desirable of the moment for a good reason: its composition.

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Neither powdery nor creamy: the secret of Chanel’s “Les Beiges Water Fresh Blush”

According to the influencers of the platform, what is appreciable in this blush is above all its texture. Neither powder nor cream, this product is liquid and is more like a serum made up of colored pearls than a real makeup blush. So the experience is totally different. And if the Chanel blush looks like this, it’s thanks in particular to its high concentration of water. Indeed, it occupies 75% of the formula. Furthermore, the pigmented pearls are actually microdroplets which burst when they are in contact with the skin, thus making it possible to tint the latter.
By betting on a “blush water” as the French luxury brand likes to call it, the result on the skin is both glowing and colored with a much more natural effect. Another advantage is that it brings a certain comfort that not all solid blushes offer.

Available in 4 shades, Chanel’s “Les beiges Water Fresh Blush” blush can be found for €52 on the website

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