This amazing nail polish color is the trend for fall 2022

Published on September 29, 2022 at 11:48 am

This amazing nail polish color is the must-have trend for fall 2022

This stunning nail polish color is the must-have trend for Fall 2022 – ©instagram @leoniehanne

For the past few seasons, red and nude have given way to a regressive color perfect for fall: baby blue.

If the manicure trends vary with the seasons, certain colors return to the hands of fashionable girls every year. This is the case of red, burgundy, black or even nude. Classic and timeless, these shades pair perfectly with a fall wardrobe. However, for several seasons, an unusual color has made a name for itself among the manicure trends of the moment: baby blue nail polish. Very popular in recent Fashion Weekthis color seems to be unanimous among fashionistas.


How to wear baby blue nail polish?

This year, baby blue or pastel blue comes with a gray undertone for a more sophisticated and autumnal look. But why is this color so popular? According to Teresa de Miguel, founder of the Madrid institute MyLittleMomó, during an exchange with the Spanish version of the magazine “Vogue”: “baby blue is suitable for a wider age group than other fashionable colors. It allows you to change up traditional – and a little boring – shades while displaying trendy and sophisticated nails. What to adopt without hesitation.

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