These microfiber face towels are a hit on Amazon

Published on September 22, 2022 at 8:27 am

These microfiber face towels are a hit on Amazon

These microfiber face towels are a hit on Amazon – ©instagram @carolaremer

The promise of these single-use microfiber towels? Say goodbye to bacteria when cleansing your face.

Who has never dreamed of displaying a flawless skin ? While it’s important to choose your daily care and makeup products based on your skin type, there are many other ways to improve your beauty routine. Cleansing and drying your face properly are, for example, essential steps that need to be taken care of properly. For this, Internet users have highlighted a very simple product that will pamper sensitive and blemish-prone skin. These are single-use microfiber towels. Many on the market, those of the brand Clean Skin Club are unanimous among Amazon users. “They clean and dry my face beautifully. It’s like washing and drying your face with a cloud,” reads one of the thousands of positive reviews.

Why use a disposable microfiber towel?

Much better than a classic bath towel, the reusable cotton pads have, for several years, been on the rise with beauty addicts. If they have many advantages, especially from an ecological point of view, bacteria can quickly accumulate there and thus promote the appearance of rashes. On the other hand, single-use towels are thrown away directly after use and thus limit the proliferation of bacteria on the face during cleaning and drying. And to relieve your ecological conscience, those imagined by Clean Skin Club are biodegradable and respectful of the environment.

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