The year 2022 in 22 beauty trends

Published on December 19, 2022 at 12:35 p.m.

The year 2022 in 22 beauty trends

The year 2022 in 22 beauty trends – © instagram @gigihadid

From make-up to hairdressing, skincare and even cosmetic surgery, a look back at the beauty trends that marked the year 2022.


Glazed Donut Nails

If we had to remember only one manicure of the year 2022, it would be her. the Glazed Donut Nails designed by Hailey Bieber stands out thanks to clear and shiny nails almost lacquered similar to the frosting of a donut.

Jelly Nails

Summer 2022 honored transparent nails with manicures Jelly Nails. On the program: translucent colored varnishes like a fruity jelly.

The bright red varnish

Adopted by many celebrities, the red varnish dazzling made a comeback this year. A classic that never goes out of style.

The half-moon manicure

Also called “lunar”, the half moon manicure was popularized by pin-ups in the 50s. In 2022, it made a comeback on the hands of celebrities.

skin care

Glazed Donut Skin

look like a donut was arguably the biggest trend of the year. The guilty ? Hailey Bieber. To promote her beauty brand, the model unveiled her skincare tip: go to bed with an ultra-fat face. A concept based on the principle of layering(use maximum skin care for a glow effect before sleeping).

Jello Skin

Coming straight from Korea, the Jello Skin emerged last spring. A technique that consists of creating luscious skin, giving the illusion of a plump face, thanks to a balanced diet promoting natural collagen and the use of facial massages.

The G-Beauty

If for a long time K-Beauty aka cosmetics from South Korea ruled the world of skincare, the G-Beauty (“G” for Germany) made a big splash in the beauty market this year. Its concept? 100% clean care with natural formulas, designed by experts for targeted action.

Skin Cycling

New popular skincare routine in the year 2022: the skin cycling. This time, forget Hailey Bieber’s advice. This technique is based on a cycle of 4 nights with a single ingredient per evening. On the program: a night of exfoliation, a night of retinoid then two nights of recovery (a cleanser and a moisturizer).


Bleached eyebrows

Seen on many celebrities and on the catwalks of Fashion Week, the bleached eyebrows are undoubtedly THE make-up trend to remember. If some pass the course of discoloration, others use a concealer to erase their eyebrows.

clean look

If the trend dates from 2021, the “ clean look triumphed again this year. The secret to a no-makeup complexion? Ultra hydrated skin, tinted cream and a touch of concealer.

The lip gloss

Twenty-two years later, the gloss makes his return. A vestige of the 2000s, this cult product has been reinvented by many brands. Top of the list? Fenty, Kylie Cosmetics or Dior.

Glazed Eyes

Great fall trend, the « glazed eyes is to bring out your eyes with ultra-pigmented and luminous shades.


platinum blonde

Adopted by Kim Kardashian, platinum blonde topped the top 3 popular hair colors of 2022.

The hair tan

Better known as « hair tan this technique, similar to that of balayage, gives us post-summer vacation hair all year round.


The scan ” babylights » consists in lightening fine locks on all of our hair. An (almost) natural glow.

Chocolate Cherry

As for the brunettes, it was time to Chocolate Cherry “. A cherry-chocolate nuance located between copper red and chocolate mocha. Guaranteed effect.


barbie hairstyle

Seen on Ariana Grande or even Beyoncé, the barbie hairstyle — namely, a high ponytail upgraded with a side swept bang across the face — was the quintessential evening makeover of 2022.

Liquid bob

We knew the traditional bob, this short cut adopted by many celebrities. We loved liquid hair, this trend that makes hair shiny. In 2022, we had the right to ” liquid bob », a hybrid hairstyle using these two hair concepts.

The wick on the side

Vestige of our college (or high school) years, the wick on the side made its big comeback in 2022. On the dock? Emily Ratajkowski. Since her breakup, the model has been showing off this vintage hairstyle.

The wet look

Sleek look, sleek bunwet effect… In 2022, the hairstyles on wet hair have triumphed. From red carpets to Fashion Week catwalks, the wet look was everywhere.

Plastic surgery

Book BBL

This trend topic (the most discussed topic on social networks) caused a lot of ink to flow in 2022. The Kardashian sisters, and more specifically Kim, would have resorted to a “reserve BBL”. An intervention that allows the removal of fat injections in the buttocks due to a lipofilling also called Brazilian Butt Lift. Result ? This technique reached its peak this year.

Baby Botox

Rumors have been circulating for several months: Kate Middleton would be a fan of “Baby Botox”. An aesthetic medicine intervention which consists of injecting mini doses of botox to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

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