The story behind Vanessa Paradis’ short haircut

For a long time, she was the little fiancée of the French. Since the start of his career, Vanessa Paradis fascinates. His albums and films are as discussed as his private life. With each appearance, the media ignite. She is also one of the French celebrities most pursued by the paparazzi. And like all icons, her haircuts set trends. It must be said that the hair CV of Vanessa Paradis is well filled. In the 90s, after the release of her flagship title “Joe le taxi”, the singer was an it-girl in the making. Her blond and long hair is copied by all the teenage girls of the time. Throughout his career, the artist will opt for different haircuts. Each new makeover will be like the mirror of a new album, a love story or a movie. The tousled hair, a bit rock’n’roll, when she works with Lenny Kravitz. The pretty bob with smooth shoulders at the dawn of becoming a mother. The tie’n’dye or copper hair during his pretty successes in the cinema like “L’arnacoeur”. And then, there is the year 2014. A year earlier, after an overhyped separation, Vanessa Paradis returned to France with the album “Love Song”. A success that earned her numerous awards including the Victoire de la Musique for female artist of the year. A few days before the ceremony, the DailyMail reveals images of the star with short hair. On the stage of the Zénith de Paris, the singer appears for the first time with her new haircut: a short haircutsimilar to a boyish cut, which will be debated.

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A haircut as a new start?

If Vanessa Paradis had timidly flirted with short cuts, this time her hair transformation is radical. Perhaps too much for the hard-line social media court. Very soon after her award ceremony, the singer finds herself in all the discussions on the Internet. Obviously, the nasty comments are not long in coming. Among the critics, a rumor persists: his new haircut would be synonymous with a new beginning. For Internet users, this boyish cut symbolizes his new life without Johnny Depp. In reality, the truth is quite different. After weeks of speculation, Vanessa Paradis revealed the secrets of her transformation in the Styles supplement of “L’Express”: “It was the director, John Turturro, who offered to cut my hair to shoot in the short -film that he directed for “Rio, I Love You”, a film with sketches in the style of “Paris, I love you and New York, I Love You””. For the actress, there was no question of opting for a wig. “It was not very serious to ask the question, all he risked was that I refuse. And I was up for it, extremely up for it! “, she told the magazine. Later, she will admit to the Italian edition of “Grazia” that this boyish cut will have brought her a very positive energy: “We feel really different but then, really. It changes a lot. I feel young”. Sometimes you just have to dare!

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