The product to shop: Maxine Laceby marine collagen elixirs, anti-aging beauty secrets

Published on November 11, 2022 at 1:03 p.m.

The product to shop: Maxine Laceby marine collagen elixirs, anti-aging beauty secrets

Critically acclaimed by those who have tried them, these Maxine Laceby marine collagen shots are true elixirs of youth, which transform the skin and hair within a few weeks.

The virtues of collagen on the skin and hair no longer need to be proven. An undeniable youth asset, collagen is found in the composition of many beauty care products available on the market, to be applied directly to the skin to allow it to regain suppleness and elasticity.

Less common, drinkable collagen shots are just as effective at giving the skin a younger appearance and maintaining beautiful hair, directly from the inside.

Very close to human collagen, the marine collagen is easily absorbed by the body and stays longer in the body, visibly improving the beauty of the skin, but also that of the nails and hair.

A real success on the web, these Maxine Laceby marine collagen elixirs named Absolute Collagen offer spectacular results on the skin, nails and hair, and this, after only a few weeks of use.

Infused with vitamin C and made with 100% natural ingredients, the Absolute Collagen shots stimulate the skin’s natural collagen synthesis, and contain antioxidant properties that fight against skin aging and damage caused by UV rays, oxidative stress, and fatigue. Concentrated in type 1 collagen peptides, these drinkable shots contain a very high absorption rate, and pass more easily into the bloodstream, to offer visible results from 12 weeks.

Thanks to their composition of 8,000 mg of hydrolyzed marine collagen per 10ml sachet, they represent the most concentrated collagen shots on the market, and are guaranteed without artificial flavors or colours.

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Improving the quality of the skin by limiting the signs of aging and blurring wrinkles, Absolute Collagen also provides vitality and volume to the hair which begins to grow considerably faster, and stronger, according to some testimonials.

Tested on a panel of volunteer women, Maxine Laceby shots improved the quality of the skin of 93% of them, while 83% claimed to have shinier and thicker hair.
Recommended as a cure of a minimum, Absolute Collagen shots visibly improve the appearance and quality of the skin, which appears more elastic and plump, visibly rejuvenated. Hair grows faster and becomes softer and shinier, as do nails, which seem to break less easily. Rated 100/100 on Yuka, they fit perfectly into your beauty routines and can be consumed at any time of the day.

Absolute Collagen 14 days lemon flavor, €31.49

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