The price of hygiene products increased by 7% in April: which are the most affected?

Published on May 27, 2022 at 11:24 am

The price of hygiene products increased by 7% in April: which are the most affected?

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The health and beauty sector is not spared from rising prices. Which products are most affected by this inflation? A study looked into the question.

Faced with rising prices, the hygiene and beauty sector is also affected. The Axel Springer Group’s price comparison tool has also analyzed the various hygiene products that have become more expensive between January and April 2022. Decryption.

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The health and beauty sector hit by rising prices

Recently, a NielsenIQ study published on April 21 claimed that the hygiene and beauty sector was in crisis and had also recorded a 4.9% drop in turnover between 2021 and 2022. .
In question ? The French need to save money. They thus limit their spending on beauty and hygiene products. For example, they are turning to hard discount brands like Action or Lidl, which are experiencing a real peak in popularity lately.

What are the most affected hygiene products?

Some products are more affected by this price increase, as revealed by the Axel Springer Group’s price comparison tool. Indeed, Anna Perret-Sillberg, PR manager at Idealo, affirms that: “while the prices of hygiene items are generally on the rise, it is those of bath products that are most affected by inflation with an increase of +7% in April 2022 compared to January 2022. Last year, it was the opposite with prices in April 6% lower than those offered in January 2021.
This is not the only category to have experienced a peak since feminine hygiene (7%) such as hair care (3%), dental care (4%) and sun protection (3%) have also seen their prices fly away. Conversely, body care prices remained stable and, more surprisingly, facial care prices fell by 1%.

How to explain this increase?

Questioned by the media the “Huffington Post”, Grégory Caret, director of the Observatory of consumption of the UFC that Choisir, affirms that this phenomenon was very fast: “the swing of the prices on the products related to the hygiene and beauty was done in the space of barely two months”. Regarding its origin, it is difficult to find a real reason for the rise in prices: “inflation is in tune with the times. With Covid-19, there were no direct and immediate repercussions, but the effects are only now coming through several channels”. From now on, six out of ten French people say they are ready to give up hygiene products, a figure that increases when we focus mainly on beauty products according to Ipsos. Thus, for financial reasons, our colleagues from the “Huffington Post” affirm that “11% of French people questioned say they often have to give up soap, 12% toothpaste or a toothbrush, 13% shampoo or 14% to deodorant”.

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