The pre-shampoo, the new step in your beauty routine

Published on December 06, 2022 at 6:10 p.m.

The pre-shampoo, the new step in your beauty routine

The pre-shampoo, the new step in your beauty routine – © Imaxtree

In balm, oil or mask, the pre-shampoo is the star beauty product of the moment. But how to use it well? Response elements.

“No but hello what, you’re a girl and you don’t have a pre-shampoo?” A little new addition to the list of essential products to pamper our hair: the pre-shampoo treatment. Kezako? We explain to you.

The pre-shampoo, what is it?

The pre-shampoo is a product to be used for a reinforced action and caring for the scalp and/or lengths.
What is the difference then with our classic shampoo? José Ginestar, Scientific Director of Sisley, explains: “The shampoo is in contact with the scalp and the hair fiber for only a few minutes. Its action is therefore limited by time. » As you will have understood, the pre-shampoo is a treatment to be done once in a while for an in-depth action.

The benefits of pre-shampoo

As a general rule, there are two effects to the products to be used before the shampoo: nourishing or detoxifying.
The scientific director of Sisley specifies: “The first are intended for hair that has a very damaged hair fiber from root to tip. It can be a type of hair such as curly, frizzy hair or hair that has genetic hair fragility. Or it could be due to damage such as sun exposure, aggressive treatment, (dis)coloration or the use of heating devices.
The latter purify, get rid of impurities or excess sebum and soothe by restoring the balance of the scalp. They have a detox effect against pollution, very effective for people who live in big cities. These pre-shampoos can generally be applied for hours, or even overnight, once a week. »

The Olaplex brand created in 2014, specialist in deep care to use before shampoo, has also made it its hobbyhorse. Mark Coates, Senior International Education Manager, says: “Olaplex started out in a California garage with what is now called “the invention”: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. This ingredient makes it possible to connect the broken disulphite bridges in the structure of the hair, which break in particular during chemical treatments and colorings but also for various other factors. “Almost 10 years ago, however, no one was talking about pre-shampoo. A risky bet taken by the hair brand, boasting today of being the most followed on Instagram and the most watched on TikTok. The demand was there for Mark Coates: “We are starting to think about our hair care in the same way as skin care. It’s not uncommon to have multiple steps in our routines, and generally we care more about the health of our hair than before. ” The layering for hair has good days ahead.

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Pre-shampoo purifying maskSisley, €83.50, 200ml.
N°3 Hair PerfectorOlaplex €29.90 100ml.
Oil by Leonor Greyl36€ 95ml.

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