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The most beautiful short squares - Work clothes - Safety shoes Franck de Lesdema

The most beautiful short squares

The short square: the trend of the year

Dua Lipa, Monica Bellucci, Karlie Kloss… Famous women of all ages and styles have all cut their hair in recent weeks. Not to make a lob », the famous fuzzy long bob brought up to date in the 2010s, but to wear a square cut classic short. Exposing the nape of the neck, this sophisticated hairstyle gives an elegant and stylish touch.

Plunging, degraded, tapered or straight… Which short square to choose?

If the square has been blurred – with varying lengths – in recent years, it now imposes itself in a graphic and structured version. Today, the straighter it is, the better. We wear it like Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter: under the ears with the parting in the middle.

The short square is not suitable for everyone

Be careful, the short square does not highlight all face shapes. If you have a wide face or a large forehead, the hairdresser Delphine Courteille advises to opt more for a cut ” shag » : this very degraded and tapered rock cut adopted by Charlotte Gainsbourg. Also, women who have a long neck will prefer to wear a long square at the level of the collarbone.

The prettiest short square patterns to help you slice

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